Looking for hobby materials like chains, ropes etc etc (28mm)
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Thread: Looking for hobby materials like chains, ropes etc etc (28mm)

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    Default Looking for hobby materials like chains, ropes etc etc (28mm)

    Hey all!
    I recently took my first steps into the world of sculpting and it's awesomely fun! But I'm in desperate need of materials like chains, ropes, small rings, skulls etc for 28mm figures. Do anyone know a good site who's selling that kind of stuff? (Especially here in EU). I've been searching for a while now but without any success. So, if you know any good ones please tell me, I would really appreciate it!

    Cheers and keep on happy painting! Inspiring stuff all around this place.

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    go to a bead shop for small chain and even small skulls. Check out aircraft cable for rope or braided (stranded) wire from electrical wires. If you need flexible rope stiffen twine used in cooking with super glue or acrylic gel medium.

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    Model train shops have chain.
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    You can buy wire in a variety of materials and thicknesses from most general hobby stores / suppliers. If you're in the UK then there's hobbycraft who sell everything including these skulls


    If you're going to buy from them then sign up to their newsletter first to get a 15% off code. If you're not based in the UK then I'm sure google will be able to find a supplier more local.

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    http://www.antenocitisworkshop.com/ has a LOT of stuff. I've bought from them several times.

    http://modelshop.co.uk/Shop has a range of stuff I've yet to feel drawn by.

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    A good german shop for all sorts (rope/chains/skulls from 28-54mm and a lot more) of Hobby material:


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    Whilst any number of store will be happy to sell you accessories, I think for the most part you can save a fortune and use everyday items lying around the house or bought very cheaply.
    A 2nd hand shop will sell loads of old jewellery for a few $, that gives you chain in any number of sizes, and rings, doodads etc as well.
    Twine = thick rope at 28mm scale.
    Cotton = fine rope

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