Movement Edge Case: Rocket Bikes Jumping Strategic Zones
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Thread: Movement Edge Case: Rocket Bikes Jumping Strategic Zones

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    Question Movement Edge Case: Rocket Bikes Jumping Strategic Zones

    I did search the thread so apologies if this has been answered and I didn't find it.

    If a Rocket Bike is directly behind a Strategic Objective or Bunker, can it jump the zone and move to the space directly opposite it? I looked at the movement diagram and can't see that scenario in the example. The Bike can't enter the SO/Bunker, so does that bar it's movement like the tank trap does in the movement diagram? I'm guessing that's the case. Going around would require 2 diagonal moves, so that's not allowed.

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    I play by the same reasoning. Since the Rocket Bike isn't allowed to enter the Objective, it can't move through it. Just like Bunkers, Traps, etc.

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    By the rulebook I would say that to go you have come to the correct assessment, that the rocket bike would not be able to get from directly behind the objective to in front of it as it can not move into it or it would need two diagonal movements.

    Thematically I think that a rocket bike or monowheel flying over the bunker or strategic objective would be possible and fun. So house rule.

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    Thanks all. I promised I'd bring it up. I'd agree that it can't be done.

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