Wonderlands Project new Indiegogo Campaign - Shark Day
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Thread: Wonderlands Project new Indiegogo Campaign - Shark Day

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    Default Wonderlands Project new Indiegogo Campaign - Shark Day

    Hi all!
    We just launched a new indiegogo campaign!
    This time we make a collaboration with Maxim Verehin, a great illustrator to make a 75mm miniature.
    Sculpt by Stephane Camosseto.

    You can take part here:

    You can help us only with a share on facebook/forums/twitter...
    Every help is welcome!

    Thank you for your help!

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    I love the artwork. If the resin kit looks anything like it - I'm in. Can't wait to see his reverse side with mermaid! But I've been fooled by artwork before in translation to resin, so hope to see the figure before joining.

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    I can't tell if at the end of the campaign, the green will be finished at 100%, but Stephane Camosseto told me, he will do the more he can to give you the best idea of the final product.

    You're not the only one waiting for the green! ^^

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    Interesting work, i waiting for the mermaid 8)

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    There is only 4 "early birds" available.

    I hope the mermaid for the last Week-end of the campaign! (but maybe early)

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    Hi all!

    New pics!
    You can now follow us on Twitter
    Stretch goals have been changed!
    Miniatures for free in stretch goals.

    We need your support to reach the goal!
    Don't forget, after the campaign this miniature will be only available as a Limited Edition!

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    this is coming out great. will the pumpkin and mushie minis also be 75mm?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ischa View Post
    this is coming out great. will the pumpkin and mushie minis also be 75mm?
    They will be at 35mm scale (so they will be 40mm).

    You can share on social networks and other forums, blogs, etc...
    There is only 9 days lefts, and a lot to do to reahc the funding goal! (after the campaign it will be available only in limited edition!!!)

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    Here are new pics!

    Didier Fancagne already started to sculpt the Pumpkin Warrior!!!

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    wohooo me feels happy watching these pictures

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    Sure would like to see htat mermaid so I could participate!

    I do have a question about Indego vs. Kickstarter. I understand that Indego takes the money upfront where as Kickstarter takes it if the project is funded. If I pledge and you take the money, even tho the total is not reached, will I get a miniature?
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    I actually use indiegogo because Kickstarter is not available from France.
    We actually are in discution with a friend who will be back in USA soon to launch with him our next campaign (we hope to launch it in Q4 2014).

    Whatever happens, you'll have your miniature if you pledge.
    If we don't reach the funding goal, there will only be more delays (we actually are able to pay the sculpt, but we have to pay the artist for the illustration rights, and the cast).
    If we don't reach the goal we will have more fees, it will be more difficult for us, but we will do it.

    We makes miniatures since 2010, we will not stop tomorrow if we don't reach a funding goal on this campaign!

    Thanks for your interest, I hope you'll pledge, we only need 28 more pledgers to reach the funding goal!!! (so many peoples interested but waiting for the mermaid... I hope the sculptor will have start it for the next (and last) pics wave...

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    59 hours left!
    Still need your support!
    New pics!

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    thanks for your response. I will be pledging!

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    Last pics before the end of the campaign!!!

    34 hours left!

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    Thanks for your support!

    24h left!
    Step by step we can do it!
    Only 22 more pledgers to reach the goal!!!

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