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    Smile Allies Get Some Paint

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    Getting the Allies on the board.

    Started playing with new (to me!) techniques.
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    My friend Andrew started a bascoat on the trooper. I finished it up and added a basecoat to the gun.

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    Hit this with Minwax varnish bath. Antique Walnut worked out much better than Classic Black Satin.

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    A quick blast of Testors Dullcote sealed the deal.

    Just need to dot the eyes and I'm in business!
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    Nice work! Your faces are fantastic.

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    Amazing how much better paint looks.
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    Nice job! I like how they look a bit terrorized! The stress of the great war is... well... great!
    Check out more Steam Crow art here!

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    Quote Originally Posted by steamcrow View Post
    Nice job! I like how they look a bit terrorized! The stress of the great war is... well... great!
    Completely agree. I can't wait to paint mine, but I also love that I can tell units apart even when they aren't painted. People sometimes had issue with unpainted Dust stuff...luckily don't need to worry about that. Even my color blind buddies are completely impressed with the differentiation in the sculpts!

    But now I want to paint mine now...

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    These guys look like they've seen the true horrors of war.

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    Very cool. It's so exciting to see the lads painted up. I can look at those guys and remember sculpting them and at the time hoping people would want to take the time to paint and customize them. It's a pretty awesome thing for me to see. Thanks again for the support and please keep posting. And glad people really like them unpainted as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hithero View Post
    Nice, are you washing the figs before painting?
    Nope. Just hitting them with OSH Primer and away we go! I've got a buddy who's been painting for years helping me. He's doing half and I'm doing the other half sitting right next to him. I pepper him with a constant stream of questions. My confidence is going up with each brush stroke. It takes time, but the fun of seeing a rack of little painted Kerbals of WWI makes it all worthwhile. Going to spend Saturday finishing the Blight Infantry.

    Thanks for a great game Ted. You are sucking the air out of my Deadzone play. The power of ready to play miniatures right there!
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    These are great paints! Makes me want to get back into painting figs...
    How long does each piece take you, once it's primed?

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    My experienced buddy can slap one out in about 20 minutes. I take about double that. I need to go back and fix stuff once I see where he was going with each technique. There's a lot of "Is this right" coming from me. This weekend I had a little paint jam and I and a couple of others broke into the other set. The going was slower, but with the other models as guides, we did some good assembly line painting this weekend. Tomorrow we my pro and I finish off the Blight infantry and move on to some vehicles. I hope to have one set done by the end of the week.

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    Wow, that's great. Looking forward to seeing them all painted up!

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    awesome sauce. love the battered war look, and seeing people taking the plunge & painting them. props wtfgamer!

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    Quote Originally Posted by hithero View Post
    Nice, are you washing the figs before painting?
    I put a base light flesh coat first, then a wash and then i re-based the face with the same flesh coat as before but left some room for the wash to show through.

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    Updated original post with Dip tutorial. The Minwax costs $10 a can vs the $30 for Army Painter Quickshades.
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    Yesterday I painted my own Rocket Bikes. They don't look as good as the ones done by the pro, but I'm pretty proud of the results. I'm a total noob at this so not being a painter is no excuse! These detailed rivets are excellent models to start with.
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    Paint the treads, wheel well, goggle rim and engine block silver.
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    Wash with Baddab Black or a watered down black.
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    Hit the belt and goggle straps with brown leather, the light with yellow, boots and gloves with black. Wash the rest with Devlin Mud or a watered down brown.
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    Paint the missile tips red and wash the edge with black.
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    Do some touch ups and you are ready for tabletop play. Trust me, If I can do it, anybody can! I'm the worst shaky hand guy around.

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