Better late than never, maybe?
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Thread: Better late than never, maybe?

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    Default Better late than never, maybe?

    I'm not sure what happened... although it's possible I did something stupid... but I apparently didn't add the Battle of Brighton to my order/pledge manager. I only noticed this when my kids were asking about when the next wave of stuff was going to show up and I checked my order status hoping for an answer. Anyone know of a way I can open the pledge manager again? Or who I can plead my feeble case with?

    In other news, the eight and six-year-olds are having a blast with the game. I'm getting play date requests to show the game to their friends, which is a weird thing to discuss with some parents. Their younger sister also approves, although I'm not sure that's a relevant market segment to worry about. I think it's excellent fun, even if my regular gaming group has shifted significantly in age since we moved!

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    Yep, I'm missing the Heavy Metal set (I've emailed for around the past 6 months asking to add it, but got no replies). Good luck

    I'll have the game out this weekend with *my* 6yr olds
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    Welp, that's disappointing to hear... even if it is completely understandable from their perspective. And I do so love getting dressed down by elementary school kids!

    Also, they want to learn to paint figs, which is simultaneously awesome and terrifying. They seem to think it's a matter of a big enough brush...

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    Well, Battle of Brighton is not a KS exclusive, so it should hit retail eventually.

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