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    I was just wondering if it's allowed to place a 2x1 unit, like a rocket bike, horizontally? So that the rocket bike would take up grids 1 & 2 and inf grids 3 & 4. This comes up from seeing some pics on the FB page where they are using some of the expansion stuff, and in a grid a M7 Boss is placed vertical so a 65 Ponder can also fit in the same grid. Or do you all think that a unit should always face forward?

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    I don't think it makes any difference due to the game mechanics how you position it as each square of the grid is attacked in a strict order and bikes will still be hit on the lowest position in the grid. And aesthetically, models will look best facing the enemy.

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    Exactly, remember that if a model occupies spaces 1 and 3, it will only be attacked on 1, then you attack anybody on 2, and then 4.

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    It's an interesting question though. Can a 1x2 unit be placed in the same grid as a 2x1 unit? Maybe they were designed that way to not be placed together... Ted?

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    Are we getting ahead of ourselves a bit? I'm thinking this has been thought of and will probably be a rules update when the expansion with the M7 comes out

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    The orientation isn't important to gameplay so a 1x2 can always be put in a grid with another 1x2, even if it looks odd (the way the model is facing). In most cases, as LoopHole points out, it should look ok and work fine, but once in a while you'll get a BOSS with a rocket bike and they are just oriented differently but can still work in the same grid. I just tell myself that one of the units is watching out for flanking maneuvers

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