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When we were the first to release background information on the dramatic loss of 25% of Games Workshop's stock value yesterday, we honestly did not expect this incredible amount of response.
The news spread like a wildfire and over 20000 of you visited our blog to read up on all of the details.

Many of you left comments and messages in response to this article - we have been very busy trying to answer all of them as quickly as possible

Instead of just linking to the latest developments again, I want to talk a little more about what our series is all about:

At the same time of the release of their half-year numbers, Games Workshop upped the ante and pretty much put a roundhouse-kick to its own operation.
I heard some of these rumors three days ago, but wanted to wait for some insider information to confirm what we heard.

And today, it seems that 'the plot thickens' as one would say.

You might already have heard that Games Workshop will close down most of their International HQs. Confirmed are: US, Italy, France, Spain. In contrast to what most people write, HQ Germany seems to remain intact.
You also heard that whole lines of armies will be discontinued. 30% of product will only be available online in the future, FW and GW will combine operations and the whole shebang...

If you would like to know more detailed background information on this - and how we have been forseeing AND writing about this development already months ago, I would like to invite you to read our epic collection of walls of text about "The Future of Games Days and Games Workshop".

In today's part 9 you will read all about today's new rumors and some of the relevant background information and analysis. If anything it's a long, but enjoyable read.

For your convenience, here are all of the other parts in this series:

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Part 10 coming soon™

We would like to (possibly) wrap up the series in installment 10 and we would like to ask you for your comments in the comment section of today's blog entry if you would like to participate in this discussion

Thanks again for the massive response to this series!

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