Games Workshop closes HQs worldwide, discontinues whole armies & more...
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Thread: Games Workshop closes HQs worldwide, discontinues whole armies & more...

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    Default Games Workshop closes HQs worldwide, discontinues whole armies & more...

    Hey guys!

    When we were the first to release background information on the dramatic loss of 25% of Games Workshop's stock value yesterday, we honestly did not expect this incredible amount of response.
    The news spread like a wildfire and over 20000 of you visited our blog to read up on all of the details.

    Many of you left comments and messages in response to this article - we have been very busy trying to answer all of them as quickly as possible

    Instead of just linking to the latest developments again, I want to talk a little more about what our series is all about:

    At the same time of the release of their half-year numbers, Games Workshop upped the ante and pretty much put a roundhouse-kick to its own operation.
    I heard some of these rumors three days ago, but wanted to wait for some insider information to confirm what we heard.

    And today, it seems that 'the plot thickens' as one would say.

    You might already have heard that Games Workshop will close down most of their International HQs. Confirmed are: US, Italy, France, Spain. In contrast to what most people write, HQ Germany seems to remain intact.
    You also heard that whole lines of armies will be discontinued. 30% of product will only be available online in the future, FW and GW will combine operations and the whole shebang...

    If you would like to know more detailed background information on this - and how we have been forseeing AND writing about this development already months ago, I would like to invite you to read our epic collection of walls of text about "The Future of Games Days and Games Workshop".

    In today's part 9 you will read all about today's new rumors and some of the relevant background information and analysis. If anything it's a long, but enjoyable read.

    For your convenience, here are all of the other parts in this series:

    Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 7.5 - Part 8

    Part 10 coming soon™

    We would like to (possibly) wrap up the series in installment 10 and we would like to ask you for your comments in the comment section of today's blog entry if you would like to participate in this discussion

    Thanks again for the massive response to this series!

    As always: SHARE & ENJOY!


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    Gave them all a read - very interesting, and I fully agree with your points and overall sentiment. I definitely feel that GW is tanking fast and hard. The question remains whether management will make the necessary decisions to touch base with their customers, or not.

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    Just read them all. Nice one.

    It's also been linked to in the ex-gw facebook group. Would be nice to read a similar history from one of those old guard that were in on the management buy-out but subsequently nudged out, prompting the creation of companies like Mantic and Warlord. Ones an old mate I ran into at Salute, didn't quite sneer but described them as "just a toy company now".
    Strikes me the way the company has gone they might as well be selling shoes for all the understanding they exhibit of the hobby. Shoes, with heels of floppy material that fail to do their job but cost more than other shoes, obviously.

    It takes articles like this to rekindle any feeling about GW. The love has been eroded by their frequent abuse to the extend numbness has taken over. Such a bitter pain, remembering the love, and the company motto that was in my day (early 90's) "build the hobby".
    Obviously the hobby side has suffered, but the building too. They seem like one of those AI armies in a game like Dawn of War or Risk - where they're being mullared, and instead of pulling back to get emboldened and strong enough to win here and there they let everything get whittled away while making the same mistakes. Ever descreasing circles.

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    Well that was one Helluva read!

    FAILCAST ending, well no tears here. Biggest rip off going.
    Dropping whole Armies, I can see the sense, as just with British Leyland too many options diluted their sales.

    They really need to prune the root cause, which is bad management and get a good business strategist in one who understands the hobby market and not just how to bleed Cash Cows.
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    Well said! Rumour and I don't know how true this is but the whole ditch armies bit is a precursor to ditching or severely down sizing WHFB. Allegedly 8th ed panned so the management is not going to spend any further time/money on it and just go into managed decline. I for one would be sad as a painter as I really like a lot of the fantasy stuff. I do paint their 40k but I'm far more into their other stuff. On the flip side plenty of nice figs might well go cheap as players off load non comp armies on eBay.

    The whole thing is fubar'd when serious money gets involved (hasbro and D&D anyone) but then again how do you get serious investment to get the bricks and mortar shops? Seems a catch 22 situation to me?!?
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    Been following this and, same as everyone I despise failcast and have bittersweet memories of starting off in GW and then having to go elsewhere for my fix. Having said this my first love will also be fantasy greenskins. If they start binning WHFB and the greenskins go I will be a very very sad chap.
    It is my fervent hope that they simply jack up the management. With the right business strategy and a leaf out of the galactic president's book (good quality low prices) they could pull themselves out of this mess without too much hassle.
    Interesting times

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    GW website has been down since yesterday.
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    As an unashamed fan boy of GW for some (gulp) 25+ years now, I think that this is a real shame. But as Mr President says, GW only has itself to blame. Frankly, when you price your core fan base out of the market and at the same time have quality control issues with failcast, what exactly does GW expect? I probably bought every limited edition item GW produced between 1990 and 2010. 2010-Today, not one of them. 60 pounds for a limited edition rulebook that just has a different cover doesn't cut it. 80 quid for a comic book. come on folks. And hell, I'm lucky enough to be in a good job that pays pretty well. If I'm turning away from them, who is still buying?

    Want to fix it, GW? Improve the quality of the resin or go back to metal.* Moreover, make the product value for money. If it is not price-point accessible, then there is no entry level customer for GW. No entry level customer and GW is dead. We all know that many, many hobbyists stop in their late teens and only a small proportion continue in adult life.

    I don't see that cutting armies will resolve issues. Part of the reason GW is so successful is the fluff. They've built it up over years and now... What, everything is going the way of the chaos dwarf / fimir / zoat?** I don't game these days, but fewer options potentially means less challenge. It also alienates those gamers whose carefully and lovingly constructed armies become defunct. To be honest, I have stopped buying many of the codexes / army books as they just repeat so much of the material I have seen before. I suspect that this is going to be even more the case going forward.

    Put this another way - Marines are not the answer to GW's problems. Yes, they were the first minatures I ever bought. Yes, I have bought various marines over the years since. But I just don't get excited by a new marine release as it feels like more of the same. They may well be the "gateway drug" for the hobby. They may well have dedicated life-long fans. But they sure as hell are not everyone's cup of tea. Just focusing in on the "successful" armies risks seriously disenfranchising the long-term hobbyists.

    Mixing FW's products into the GW line, on the other hand, does not seem like such a bad idea to me. For years people have complained about FW's pricing, but as GW's prices have inexorably increased, this seems like less of an issue. And, people seem to like the innvoation that FW bring to the Warhammer universes. Indeed, it seems ironic that GW appear to be working on a process that focuses on a smaller range of armies, when FW's success seems to be built pretty much on the reverse strategy.

    Shutting shops may or may not be rational. I wonder how many of the Brits on this site first found the hobby by wandering into a GW store? I am pretty certain that this must help. But whether they need the sheer number of stores in certain territories is open to question.

    * I am assuming that GW's management haven't come up with the masterstroke of having developed affordable 3d printers. If they have and they can roll them out into the stores and are moving to selling templates of miniatures, then fair enough - you probably dont need to worry about fail cast or having stock any more. But in the real world, and assuming that GW is not looking this far ahead, stores are still likely to be the key entry point to the hobby.

    ** Which presumably means that FW will start taking up the slack.

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    Shutting shops may or may not be rational.
    Are they actually shutting down shops? I heard that they are more of a re-organisating their sales businesses; "Our retail businesses will be consolidated under a single Retail Sales Manager for each of our key geographic areas - UK, Europe and North America". Meaning that GW Germany HQ might seize to exist not all the stores, specially since germany is one of those economically more healthy countries in EU.

    About droppign armies; I remember well when Tomb Kings and beatmen were part of Undead army and Chaos. I have found those two to be rather unnecessary as stand alone armies. However I find it a bit odd if they dropp Bretonnia and Woodys. I suppose wood elves aren't that good in 8. ed and thus no longer that popular armies.

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    Most likely an end to some stand-alone armies, not likely that they drop them entirely.

    WD reshaping. Could be good news, especially since the new monthly mag does not have to be sales oriented.
    GW + FW. Good for local game stores (who can chip in on the sales) and good news overall. My guess is that FW will to all resin stuff and GW will only do plastics. Opens up possibilities for more limited runs.
    FW + LOTR. If this is true then awesome news. The process they've used Finecast is such a larger issue for lotr it seems. They have utterly failed casting some miniatures.

    All in all not so bad news.

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    If GW + FW would mean that you could order FW stuff to your nearest GW-store, that would be IMO a cool thing. Lot easier for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Routaporsas View Post
    Are they actually shutting down shops?
    I saw a Facebook post earlier this week regarding the closure of the Amsterdam store. Their Facebook page doesn't seem to be there anymore?
    Quote Originally Posted by A Luna View Post
    Consider yourself quoted!

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    this is all very interesting. and i won't judge it until i see the outcome. but some of these news/rumours could turn out to be very good. (especially concerning fw and fine cast.)

    here´s for hoping that GW takes a turn toward something more creative and open. i have to say i really hope the FW part gets more readily available. something like keeping the GW part as it is, more child friendly, while FW becomes the "adult" version with more detailed painter-aimed minis.

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    I don't know how many times I've said this, release your IP! Let Hollywood make movies, GW has an IMMENSE world, both fantasy and sci-fi. Its just stupid not to. Look at Marvel and what happened to them. It got much higher and eventually bought by Disney. And for the love of God, open up your minis to be sold everywhere. Its like the Billy Mays way, sell a LOT of minis at a lower price and you will make more profit. Simple economics. Idiots. Sad really, Mini's helped me through a year long depression and a divorce. Now they cost too much to even have fun.
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    buuuuuuuuuuuuaeeeehhhhh. the old man is evil to me.

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