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    Question Wiki?

    Is there a wiki out there for Rivet Wars yet? I couldn't find one, started to set something up on wikia to keep track of reference photos/sketches mostly and then started to fret about photo copyrights.

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    Just the "Rivet Wars Mythos" thread at the top of this page.
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    I saw that. It's the reason I started looking around for a collection of info, thanks for taking the time to put it all in one spot. Where'd you get the unit/hero images, by the way?

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    CMON sent most of them to me last year. I added the colored background, and a few remaining units that were added later on.
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    Binary, you should go for it and just make a Wiki. I've made a few in my day and could offer some help.

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    Actually, I've got one up after some discussion with binarysunrise. I'm not sure what to do about properly crediting artwork, but binarysunrise was happy to let me pillage his Mythos thread. Super Robot Punch may not feel so inclined, I dunno. Contributions welcome, advice on design accepted and comments warily read:

    I realize the main page is poorly set up, still trying to figure out a better way to lay it out... Categories at the bottom of the page is currently the best way to get to the meat of the matter.

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    Might want to contact CMoN and/or Ted to make sure you're not doing anything they've already got in the pipeline

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    Quote Originally Posted by RuneBrush View Post
    Might want to contact CMoN and/or Ted to make sure you're not doing anything they've already got in the pipeline
    That's a good idea, thanks. I'm not sure I care, other than shuttering it from public view... I like having this sort of thing for my own reference. Plus, learning wikia might come in handy at some point.

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    Mr. Terranova has... well, "blessed" might be stretching matters too far, but at least approved the wiki. Right now, it's basically got a list of units and heroes smashed into a standardized template. I'm moving heroes to the template after having (foolishly) done them by hand, but every known unit, hero, plug, faction and set is available. I also added some links to things like updated rules .pdf, the four player scenario and some reference material for painting as well.

    The unit pages are pretty barebones, seeing as there's not really a lot to them other than their stats. If you can think of anything that might be nice to have collected there (shots of painted fig, maybe?), please feel free to head over and make it so. The only thing I locked to admin access was the template, since it was painfully difficult to figure out where the relevant docs were to make what I wanted possible. Even so, I think I cheated...

    EDIT: Oh, I realize that the Mcleod's Guards and Baron Munchen's Guards should have separate photos, but working a gallery into the infobox in a smart way has eluded me thus far.

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