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    I'm liking the different paint styles I see on the forums so far. Especially the almost cell-shaded look of some of them. Now, I need your help folks. I need some brainstorming ideas.

    I want to paint the core set their "normal" colors as assumed in the artwork. However, if you did Blitzkrieg, you'll get twice as many additional units. I want to paint these other units differently for two reasons:

    1. If we play with 3/4 players, and two want to be Allied, then bam. This was my intention back when the additional units were released, so I'm excited that the new map and scenario might encompass that. I was also planning on making a set of undeads, but decided I didn't want that in this universe.

    2. Painting alternates is fun, and you could theme them to be the colors of other allied forces, like the British color scheme, which might be refreshing. Once we heard the next expansion would have Ruska, and urban terrain tiles, I also toyed with the idea of making soem of them urban camo.

    Anyway, let me know some ideas! I'm open to all and any, and am excited to start painting the core set tonight.


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    That's an interesting idea, particularly for the "more than two player" possibilities. WWI didn't use camouflage patterned cloth, but maybe if you could get reference info for the different branches of a nation's military? Or just stick to different nations, seeing as there wasn't much to differentiate branches. A quick Google for color WWI uniforms suggests it's going to be difficult to find good references... although I recall hobby stores have those fascinating books of uniforms for grognards. Might be a good excuse to buy a few of them!

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    Paint the bases differently. Problem solved. :P
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    Quote Originally Posted by binarysunrise View Post
    Paint the bases differently. Problem solved. :P
    Sure, but that's not fun!

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    It's not so much a problem as an opportunity.

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    Paint the the other allies in blight colors, and blight in allied colors. Traitor versions of the other side? Then you can combine however you want.
    Even Blight + allied "allied traitors" together.
    Either match colors or match form...

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    Quote Originally Posted by a94marbo View Post
    Paint the the other allies in blight colors, and blight in allied colors. Traitor versions of the other side? Then you can combine however you want.
    Even Blight + allied "allied traitors" together.
    Either match colors or match form...
    I'm more looking for differentiation.

    And yes, painting the bases different isn't fun! I want new schemes my friend. I'm also not necessarily going for actual WW1 strictly, and am going for whatever sounds like a blast to paint or alter (i.e. I was willing to make an undead group). I'm probably just going to do british colors, some tan here and there more than green, or more winter wear or urban like uniforms from WW2 and on. But you never know. Maybe adding in some more lighter red might be fun, as I think the Ruska are more a maroon red, to simulate the Canadians.. Or just be wacky and do a group of inverted color schemes from the norm.

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    Being a Brit I was already considering painting mine up in khaki - as soon as I saw the alternative highlanders I had that scheme in mind - so this give you an alternate to the Green.

    As for Blight, I am not sure but isn't their a Blue/Gray variant of the uniform - probably for this make it more bluish?

    These keep the alt/steampunk WW1 theme?

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    Yeah, I was hoping to incorporate a blue grey scheme into the Blight, or a blue silver scheme. I also wanted to give them wolf like flares, but Ted mentioned a faction being about animal personification, so I'm avoiding that. But yes, the blue grey/silver color scheme will be wonderful.

    And yeah, I'm glad the Brit khaki scheme was seconded. I painted some of my Dust stuff that way once just for some variation and to add some character. I guess we'll see.

    Still hoping to justify some crazy color scheme though without being too obnoxious, although I will be adding some fun highlights regardless. Maybe more bronze, copper, rust here and there. I don't know why, but I'm most excited to paint the Allies hats, Wolverine, and the gears on the Monowheels...

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    I'm going to be doing my allies as british WW1 style; khaki dress, blanco webbing and probably dark olive green for the helmets - after all, they have battle bowlers, have to go brit! If you want a clearer distinction, you could do anzac style with lighter khakis - atomic robo should give you some ideas!

    For a blight variant (especially if you stick to darker grey for the 'straight' version), you could go French blue - especially if you cut off the helmet spikes (and maybe added a little green stuff crest) to make them look more like adrian helmets. Hmmmmm. I might end up doing this myself on the second wave!
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    Agreed, you can go for a Khaki ally and a blue-grey blight. It's similar enough to make them look like they're still part of the same side, but different that you know who's is who's

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bubo View Post
    That's an awesome resource! There's a link in that thread to another collection of stuff that's excellent as well. It all looks to be WW2 era, but interesting even if you wanted to force reality into Rivet Wars.

    EDIT: Along similar lines, if I had a breathtaking amount of money, I'd spend a large quantity of it here: There's a three volume set on WW1 German armies alone.
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    Thanks Bubo!

    Maybe during my Flames of War days...but for Rivets, it shall be a more simple scheme. Similiar to Wappel's, but a little less detailed and highlighted. I want to go for the "cell-shaded" look to fit the videogame theme. That and somewhat paying homage to Advance Wars, which Ted says he drew a lot of inspiration from. Another reason I wanted to incorporate some light red colors for the Allies.

    However, I've had enough backing of the British schema for my additional units, so it shall be!

    And for the Blight, enough backing of grey/blue has confirmed what those additional units shall be also.

    Now I just need them to show up.

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    I had briefly considered painting mine in black and white... as if they were like the old WWI film reels and b/w photography of the era.

    Inspired by no small part to the amazing Nosferatu table:
    Name:  nosferatu_black_white_table..jpg
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    That said, there are some challenges going this way (namely troop differentiation), and the fact that I can't use any of my terrain with anything else.

    I won't be doing it, but it is a fun and fast(er) way to get your troops painted.
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    That would be really, really interesting. Make for a heck of a diorama, likely. And the units are different enough I don't think there'd be much trouble. Actually, I'd like to see a table like this with standard painted armies... I bet that would make the colors of the figs pop.

    More shots of that table if you're as curious as me, yet slightly lazier:
    EDIT: Tons more shots:
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    ooo, really digging the monochromatic table.

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    While looking for more reference stuff, I stumbled across this forum: . It's mostly WW2, but has an absolutely astounding collection of photos of equipment. Crazy amounts of details, from collectors.

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