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    Quote Originally Posted by Lance King View Post
    Yes and No. I think a BEARzerker would be up on its hind feet in a lunge position with a terrifying look on its face. But the "handler" should be a smallish rider with a terrified look on his face (he has lost control and is just along for the ride).
    I think the "rider" should be strapped to the bear like he's in a baby carrier, either on the bears chest, or on his back more likely. But he's really in no way in control once the bear goes into Bearzerker mode, just along for the ride, and there with a snack once the bear is tired out!
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    Anymore fun sketches you'd like to throw at us Ted? Maybe an Ottoman sketch of sorts??

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    Quote Originally Posted by knatebaker View Post
    Anymore fun sketches you'd like to throw at us Ted? Maybe an Ottoman sketch of sorts??
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    An iron ottoman? Fantastic. That'll stop those pesky Blight in their tracks so I can lob mortar shells at them as they attempt to climb over it.

    I'll take a dozen!

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    You've probably seen this already but the Tsar tank looks immense!

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    During WW2 the Russians had a glider tank that would be "flown" using the normal tank controls. IIRC when it landed their were explosive bolts to break the wings free. The crew was actually in the tank so they would jump out and finish the swap over. I think they only actually tried it in combat once. Plus it was such a small tank it really was of little use except for a brief career in recon.

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    My friend built an entire empractical Landship based off the Tsar tank. It's hilarious watching him go on about it.

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