Disassemble the models?
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Thread: Disassemble the models?

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    Default Disassemble the models?

    I still just got a tracking number, but is now closer than ever.

    I am wondering if any of you have disassembled the models?

    Are they glued together with super glue or plastic glue?

    Are they glued or just pinned to the base?

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    Difficult to say what glue; the couple of bits that have come off on their own (tank gun, for example) don't show the characteristic melting of plastic glue, but it's strong stuff. There're pegs on the feet that are glued into holes on the bases, and I've not succeeded in 'snapping' the joints with pressure, as super-glue is prone to. I've had to resort to cutting through the pegs to get them off the bases, and will re-pin them later.

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    ok, thanks for the answer

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    Looks very like a super glue of some kind as one or two have the characteristic "white burn" marks. Going to pop one into a freezer and try and dismantle over the weekend. The plastic is a softer plastic in comparison to most miniature plastics.

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