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    Didn't know where to post this dilemma. So I figured it was more w.i.p thread! My question is simple. Has anybody found a way not to have 100s of unfinished projects of minis on there workstation? It's driving me mad! The problem is a mad production of wonderful addictive minis that keep on growing! I keep saying oh this one is great I'll finish this , wait until the guys look at this one. A month later the unfinished vermin sits half base colored on the bench as I start a new wonderful model that's just came out! What do we do? Any advice this is serious guys need feedback. I don't know about anyone else but is you home startup ing to look like a gaming store with models on every part of the household. The misses is getting perturbed ! Advice, ideas... Anything?

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    I've just started painting again so I only have two minis on the table at the moment, but that will probably change fast. My guess is, that the best way to finish something is, to make a reward system. You can't start a new model before you have finished at least two already in progress and you can only buy a new mini every time you have finished five.

    You might also just pick one at random and not touch another until you have added colour to at least one area of it. That way you should slowly get some progress on those half-finished lumps of metal and plastic :-)
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    It is far to easy to get distracted by must have mini's, that never get finished. One thing that used to work for me was to have no more than 3 models on the paint desk at a time and wouldn't put a new model on to the desk until I had one finished. This does take some self discipline but you find that new shiney can be the motivation to get one of the others finished. The rest of the collection would then be boxed away
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    I generally only have one on the go at a time, the rest are boxed away. But then, the way I paint I need to see a bit finished as I go along.. I find it difficult to build a mini up in layers like some people do with everything coming together right at the end. Each to their own!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BloodASmedium View Post
    My question is simple. Has anybody found a way not to have 100s of unfinished projects of minis on there workstation?
    Simple answer NO.

    Complex answer SELF DISCIPLINE.

    And if I had any of the latter it would be good.
    I've recently set myself a straight forward goal, keep my mini's limited to a single figure being worked on my painting table at any one time. So far failed by a factor of 2.
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    Unfortunately, we are essentially collectors. Therein lies the problem. I'm not even going to attempt to count the unpainted models on my desk and in my drawers.

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    Yeah, you're definitely not alone. My biggest issue is the number of unpainted minis. My rate of buying is definitely greater than the rate at which I finish projects. When it comes to the actual painting I try to have only one or two serious projects going at the same time (I say 'try' since right now I have three in the works). And then I have quite a few more 'just for fun' things that I'll work on when I'm bored or feel inspired. For me if something sits partially painted for too I know I will never finish it. A lot of those 'just for fun' ones will be abandoned (sorry, little guys!).

    If you really want to get some done, pick one figure and make it a goal to do at least some work on it every time you sit down to paint. Even if you have some new one you want to start, do a little work on that other figure too. Oh, and if the misses is getting annoyed, pick one that can be a gift for her!

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    That's the strategy being enforced on me. My wife has decreed that I shall not buy any more minis until at least half the half painted and unpainted ones are complete.

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    Here's what works for me, so far. Pick a project for the month or week or whatever. At the end of the allotted time, POST IT TO THE GALLERY. The mini is done. This does two good things. 1. Your mini gets done and 2. My approach has changed a lot. I find I plan a finished mini from the start, instead of painting the face to a high level, weapon half done and boots in primer. I try to paint every thing to a basic level first. Then at the end of the month if I get a six that's okay because I have finished to there. You can always go take another pass at it and post again.

    Do I cheat, yes. Do I still start more than I finish? I think I break even, I find myself sand bagging for future months or picking old half done models to work on. Do I buy more then I will ever paint? Oh hell yeah! But committing to post something at least keeps my eyes on the end goal. I have definitely painted parts of stuff worse then my potential but I got it done which I think takes priority. You can has the best plasma pistol in the world but if your mini's not making it to the gallery it don't matter

    It also has made stop experimenting half way through a PJ. Which was really really bad for me. I have so many mini's that I tried late night all over washes on

    As far as the wife goes, I only have (2) finished minis on display around the house. Every thing else is in the garage or the basement.

    Dude you are at a level where I bet you could get some commissions. I bet that would get you into gear Also there are lots of forum and manufacturer contests on the web.

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    I have 3 on the go at one time, the rest about 25 are in the cupboard waiting I have sneak peaks to work out which will be next. If I have more its too easy to loose motivation. I think you do need at least 2 on the go so you dont have little burn outs.

    Stew my wife kindly informed me of much the same thing no more mini's, she knows I still have kickstarters coming too. At my speed I think I will take at least a year to paint them all.

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    Same as most, focus on a a few and don't get daunted by mountains of ones waiting! I try to have one (or two) painting mini-projects and one modelling project on the go at any one time, it means that I can flit between them as my mood or the weather dictates. Sometimes the modelling project becomes the painting project but often it'll go into a pile for undercoating and then get put into the cupboard ready to be painted in the future. Also be realistic, if you're trying to get a group (army, warband, etc) done, split it down into manageable chunks.

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    At my rate I'll be 10 years before making a dent in the must be painted before new purchases pile. My resolution for this year is to spend 6-8 hours a week on the hobby though (successfully doing that so far). So hopefully I will at least do some painting each week and improve in speed with the extra practice I am/will be getting.

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    My a type personality won't let me leave something unfinished. I HAVE to finished what I start. Now that doesn't keep new minis from piling up over time, but I just hide them in The Lady Inquisitor's shoe boxes - the ones way in the back that she never wears anymore. Honestly though, I am about to ditch all my gaming stuff and that will free up some serious room for more painted and unpainted mini.
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    i am one of these guys that only keep one project open at a time, and the stuff i paint usually take me at 2-3 months from start to finish. guess you have to persuade yourself not starting anything before the mini you work on is done, there is no real shortcut here... its damn easy to get distracted
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    Oh dear god no. I've been trying for decades (like, actual, literal decades) to find a solution to this problem. I have the problem of being a painter and a gamer, so I'm being pulled in two directions at once (paint single models to as high a level as I am able vs get that goddam squad of infantry base coat/wash/highlighted!) I don't really have time for either, never mind both. The best advice I can give for keeping the numbers down is:

    only paint minis you are really passionate about.
    have a clear plan for all the parts of the mini before you start
    set a self-imposed limit of between 1 and 5 minis that you can have on the go at once.

    Good luck
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    Quote Originally Posted by SkelettetS View Post
    i am one of these guys that only keep one project open at a time, and the stuff i paint usually take me at 2-3 months from start to finish. guess you have to persuade yourself not starting anything before the mini you work on is done, there is no real shortcut here... its damn easy to get distracted
    Apart from those Orks you've just started lol
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    One look at my WIP thread will tell you I have the exact same problem. It's a disease with no cure (apart from what DR said about discipline). As long as the paint is flowing, I just roll with it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ten ball View Post
    Apart from those Orks you've just started lol
    haha ah yeah! i knew someone would drag that up! for my defence, i havent painted anything more on that orc and only painted on the deamon ;P
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    I'm afraid I can't help too much as the same thing has been a big problem for me. I'd estimate perhaps 20% of any projects I start will get finished for varying reasons. Sometimes if I feel that I've painting a face of cloth really well I wont touch the model again for a while, other times I just really feel like painting something else so the current project would feel more like an obstacle and I just skip it! Two things I've started doing which has given me a bit more control over this problem may help. As Demihuman said earlier, I like the idea of rewarding yourself for finishing a project by uploading it to your CMoN gallery as soon as you finish. Another is I purchased a big glass cabinet to display my miniatures, I only allow myself to put fully painted ones in there so it motivates me more to finish off what I start and fill up the display cabinet.

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    thanks all for the feedback !! I guess I'm going to take a little of everyone's advice but I just find it funny how much feedback this post received. I looked and I'm like holy horse cows batman everybody feels the same way.. Omg this is just a site of some truly talented yet addicted individuals that I'm just glad to be a part!! Damn GW just came out with that sweet trollslayer mini. And the problem just gets bigger and bigger!! Lolololol!!

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