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    You'll appreciate references to "lead mountain" now. Even though it's more resin and plastic these days.

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    I have been in the same place for many years, and the more i had on the table the lower my motivation to paint was, i find having a WIP drawer helped a lot, things were out of sight so I could focus on the model I had in front of me, no more than 5 on the desk at once (although I am breaking that rule at the moment) and if there isn't space in the drawer then I'm not allowed to but models.
    Another recent project has been to sell off all the things I have had waiting for more than 2 years, I found a GW tank company box from the original apocalypse release day (was that 7 years ago?) still unopened. And having a place to display finished work helps me, it is a nice reward to have a cabinet in my lounge so when people come over they spend time looking at what has made it into the cabinet this time, and i get to see progress every time i procrastinate and watch TV instead of painting.
    On the table, Dark vengeance terminators.

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    Only hundreds of untainted projects?


    At the last count I had 1800 untainted miniatures. And that was 3years ago...

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