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    The new factions we know exist are the Russians and the Ottomans.

    My question is: The Russians are called the Ruskas. What are the Ottoman factions name going to be? Did I miss it along the line?
    ~Lieutenant Nathaniel Flint of the Landship Scorpios

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    No you've not missed anything - as of yet they have been referred to as Ottomans.

    Personally, I'd prefer if they were called something else, though each army is recognizable as an army from the First World War, I feel there's some plausible deniability because each faction is not a representation of the real armies. I think is is harder when they share the same name.

    My favourite, alternative so far was a typo from CoolMiniorNot where they referred to them as: Ottomens (not Ottomans).
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    Default Sturmpanzer Question

    I like that name as well Decar! I'm looking forward to seeing what they come out with next! Side question: on the Sturmpanzer if I use the Dash special ability, I notice it lists it as an action. I'm assuming that I can't then use my attack if I've used that action correct?

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    Hey! Welcome to the forum. Yes that's right. It's an action. So the sturmpanzer decides not to shoot and it gets to move a bit further instead. A great way to get them into a battle quick!
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    Great thanks for clearing that up! Though I did like it more when I though I could Dash and then attack but I guess that was a bit much

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    A Rapid Assisting Sturmpanzer would be a sight to see - scary!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Decar View Post
    A Rapid Assisting Sturmpanzer would be a sight to see - scary!
    In fact we used the panzer this way in one of the first games I played because we had misunderstood the rules. I really got spanked by the Blight in that session. Way to powerful oh yes! ;-)
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    I think this is a good Frequently asked question:

    What happened? Website hasn't been updated in a year, and after both a water expansion and the Western Front has been teased with no new developments. Even the Rivet Wars twitter has been down. What gives? I think that's a fair frequently asked question.

    Second most asked? Should we bother keeping up hope and a kickstarter fund in hope one day things will turn around?
    ~Lieutenant Nathaniel Flint of the Landship Scorpios

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    Quote Originally Posted by comedianmasta View Post
    What happened?
    Agreed. What did happen to this once promising series?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hithero View Post
    Discussing What If's is largely irrelevant, you can play Rivet Wars ping-pong all day long and it won't prove a thing, mainly as you have to roll dice at the end of it <img src="images/smilies/smile.png" border="0" alt="" title="Smile" smilieid="1" class="inlineimg"> Killing off models is not the problem with Parmans buff as that happens anyway; the problem is that it will grant 'free' VP's for the Allied player in half of the scenarios as he can get to the objectives first and a go quicker, that's where the problem lies. Any scenario where an objective is 3 squares from a deployment give the Allies a big boost.

    I'm curious if you think discussing "what if's" is still irrelevant. I would think nearly every game player would think you are wrong about this. Yes, dice rolls can decide the game, but if you map out options and one player has a 56% chance of dice success in some hypothetical scenario VS the best counter move giving you a 33% chance of success, if they survive the 56% attack, this would constitute a balance problem. But rather than a hypothetical example, let's look at the subject of this thread: In this case we're talking about the "move and attack" ability Parman can infer on attached units.
    Games like this were every unit does not have a move and attack ability is a problem, it means that in order to counter attack it requires surviving the initial attack.
    This is going to render units that can't move and attack inferior. Parman is a super powerful unit in this game, consider this: Move and attack abilities give you the "First Strike" advantage. (the defending units need to survive the attacking unit's attack in order to counter-attack) So move and attack is paramount.

    Here are the units that can allow move and attack:

    Edwina Brasseldun
    F-4 Buccaneer
    Reme Funck

    Osprey Biplane
    Red Baron

    Man in Charge
    Baby Girl

    The Blight have a serious disadvantage here:
    First off both sides have relatively equal Air Units with Rapid assault, so lets sort of ignore them as "balanced" which bring us to the ground units: Neutral characters not withstanding the Blight have a serious problem:
    The monowheel is their only unit with a first strike (move and attack) ability. And because Monowheels can not hit any unit with armor higher than 1, the allies can make all their units immune to monowheels by grouping with higher-armored units.
    And even with their air units, the most any Air unit gets is 1 die against higher armored units so only a slightly less than 17% chance of hitting any higher armored unit.

    The Allies on the other hand have massive move and attack options:
    Parman and any unit with Parman gets ridiculously long 3 square move and attack range.
    Edwina has a random component to her, but she too can get herself and accompanying unit(s) move and attack with unlimited range.
    And you and equip a variety of turrets on the Ostrich and get a pretty effective and versatile move and attack unit.
    And they have the same weak Air Unit move and attacks as the Blight.

    This is a massive advantage, and due to this the Allies should average higher average kill numbers than the Blight.

    Now the Neutral Units can offset this advantage, but that means "whomever gets Man in Charge" has a serious advantage. If the Allies get him, they basically double their move and attack advantage, if the Blight get them, they can neutralize the Allies advantage. But at no point do the Blight ever get the move and attack advantage, the best they can do is "get even".
    Baby Girl - Can give you ONE UNIT with rapid assault, but, it's not a "Buff" so it only augments her own attack, and she puts herself in harms way using it, and she's a hero so worth a VP for the opposition if she fails. And she suffers the same problem Monowheels do, in that she can't hit anything higher than 1 armor. Her plug on the other hand, can give one tank a decent move and attack ability.

    Because move and attack is such an advantage, I would say this game strongly favors the Allies as far as balance goes.

    The allies Dog units are better too.

    And before you say it: The Blight do have advantages in other areas. But in the case of these other areas, the defender almost always has the option of "moving away" if he doesn't want to exchange attacks with "non-move and attack units".
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