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    I cannot say that the game is broken because of this , but Parman as the must have unit on the board has jumped to the front of the allied queue.

    We have always allowed Rapid Assualt without the need to attack a unit.

    However, I still feel here the problem is the way the Buff is phrased on the printed cards (unlike the rulebook illustration) allowing Rapid Assault but a rate of 3 for all units. At least for now we our playing a house rule that this line is actually Parman's Special Ability and the Buff is Only Rapid Assault (x) where X is that units normal move rate. Parman is still important in getting the Allied units forward but it negates the headlong dash that the 3 move and attack does

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    They aren't earned though, no effort goes into getting the VP's and are additional to what the Allies would get without Parman, take this for an example, Scenario 4, Allies go first.

    Turn 1. Parman and 4 infantry deployed. 2 move into the right hand SO, 2 move up to LH SO. Gain 1 VP Without Parman 0VP.
    T1 Blight. 4 infantry and an MG deployed? Move forward 2 0 VP

    Turn 2. Probably deploy another 4 Riflemen and a Pounder? Riflemen move out of SO into other 2. Riflemen move up to LH&RH SO. Gain 4 more VP to total 5VP, half what's needed by turn 2. Without FAQ'd Parman, they could only score 2, thats 3 VP's extra!
    T2 Blight. Will probably kill 2 or 3 Allied Riflemen in no-mans land but can only claim 2 objectives. So score at end of T2 is 5:2 thats a big gap to make up without FAQ Parman it would be 2VP each and a fair fight from now on.

    Game now continues as normal and the FAQ rule now doesn't come into play as models can be launched by Parman and make an attack.

    This example does show how big a difference the FAQ Parman can make, or is there a counter to this?

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    How are you deploying Parman and 4 infantry on 6 deployment points?

    I know one infantry less sounds like a small difference, but subtracting one from your narrative leaves an SO with only one infantry in it. That's my primary target as the blight for MG/Sniper fire. Good chance I kill it, preventing the presumed control of that SO. Which of course alters points in your story.

    Myself and Tauwolf have played several games with Parman in his original state, which was merely confirmed by the FAQs. If the Blight is played well, the allies need every bit of Parman's utility.

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    Sorry, forgot Parman is 3pts, so with one infantry less, the Allies will score only 4 VP, still an advantage. Deploying sniper won't help so much as he will still be out of range on turn one and so can't deny the Blight from controlling the SO for turn 2. I guess we will try it the FAQ way, but Allies are 8-4 up in wins already, not sure they need any more help.

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    I think you have an inflated view of how many SO end up captured and scoring automatically.

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    Don't think so, you can get to objectives a turn earlier for 2 turns. Get the book out and play it through and see what you can come up with.

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    So, I took your advice and set it up, and it actually makes it even more clear it can't work the way you think it does. I'd like for you to explain how you're getting riflemen on 2 S0 in the first turn. It doesn't seem possible when I set up first move as allies.

    I only see one set of moves that gets there and it's illegal.

    The only way to have 2 grids with rifleman within 3 of both of the nearest SOs and each other for Parman, is to have them at grids 3 and 6 counting from the left. Iirc you had Parman launch them to the left first for one vp (at the end of your turn) which is fine, but then it falls apart.

    There's no way that parman can get the other grid activated with his buff because it's not possible for him to pass through the bunker to get to the third rifleman, he can't enter that grid, and he can't diagonal twice to get there either. (Look to page 18 and take note of how the rocket bike can't end its turn in the grid on the other side of a grid it cannot enter.)

    Yes, Parman does allow a quick score, and head start, but I don't think it's as big as you think it is when played within the scope of the rules.
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    Link isn't working for me and didn't see them listed on the site. :-(
    Not worried about the Parman Buff that is the way we have been playing it and it hasn't been a huge issue, you lean to deal with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crazyjuan View Post
    So, I took your advice and set it up, and it actually makes it even more clear it can't work the way you think it does. I'd like for you to explain how you're getting riflemen on 2 S0 in the first turn. It doesn't seem possible when I set up first move as allies.
    We did amend that to only one on the first turn after you pointed out Parman was 3pts and not 2pts. So turn 1 = 1VP, without Parmans buff 0VP. Turn 2 2 inf pop out of the occupied to get the other 2, whilst Parman has moved round in preparation to launch an inf into the left SP to get a total of 4Vp's. Maximum without Parmans super-buff is 2 VP. It's not as bad as I first thought, but those extra 2 VP's can still be a winner. Anyway, its now been FAQ'd and we will try it and if we don't like it, meaning Parman always becomes a first choice and therefore just repeating the same game-play every game, then we'll just play him as we did before. Not much fun playing rock/paper/scissors if you choose Spock every game

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    First of all congratulations to Ted for this game. The setting is fantastic.
    And as for the things or the people I love, I always worry if there is something wrong. I'm not satisfied with how the issue Rapid Assault / Parman has been addressed. It seems to me that the ruling of the FAQ will serve more to resolve alleged unbalance between factions, rather than clarify the rules.
    Rapid Assault allows me to move and shoot, instead of the usual "shoot and move". Generally speaking, what is the point to use Rapid Assault just to move, except to spread the Parman Buff?
    I've always seen Parman as the intrepid knight who charged the enemy ranks (have you seen the movie War Horse?). Now it looks like Taxi Driver.

    Regarding the timing of the Action Cards, can I assume that cards like "Strafing Run" or "Incoming" can be used during the opponent's turn, but do not generate an attack, since by the basic rules I can not attack during the opponent's turn?

    P.S. sorry for the pompous and ungrammatical English, blame Google Translator
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    I feel we are just wasting a lot of energy without enough information. As much as people demand this game work as a stand alone and a first step to a larger battlefield, the fact remains it is serving both of those masters. I'm far more interested in how the larger game scales up with all the units than any perceived imbalance in a single unit right now. We just don't know what stats are being play-tested and how rapid assault will look when used in other weapons of war.

    We asked for a ruling. We got one. Give it a try. House rule it if you don't like it but give the team some credit for knowing what they are doing. I'm having a blast with what I have and cannot wait to try the new goodies out.


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    Agreed, I would say the game is balanced well now, but due to rocket bikes lack of rapid assault that balance hinges on Parman being a beast. I fully expect and am excited to see what happens when new Rivets arrive. Hell, even just more of the same Rivets will change things. Can't wait to be fielding 4 Hammer 65 Pounders at once, lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crazyjuan View Post
    Can't wait to be fielding 4 Hammer 65 Pounders at once, lol.


    Death to all that oppose. I can't wait for the BOSS units to come out. Imagine Rapid Parmaning two of those bad boys in one turn with him. Or even those Elite sculpts we are getting. I have a good feeling about the entire balance of the game, and I love it. Thank you everyone for your contributions to the FAQ!

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    I have a question:

    In my version of the game, I appear to have a tile that is different then what the settup says. This is the same in my friend's version of the game. While playing the Longest Front Scenerio, our 9Bs did not have a duckboard reaching off from the others, only the one curved duckboard. This made the battlefield uneven, and my friend and I could not figure out a way to switch the tile which would have made the board accurate and even. So we just played normally and that side was uneven.

    Has anyone experienced stuff like this? Or is it just our games.... op that scenerio?

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    Think they just got the tile number wrong, just lay down the tiles with the correct walkway layout.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hithero View Post
    Think they just got the tile number wrong, just lay down the tiles with the correct walkway layout.
    Tried. From what we were able to tell, the walkway layout specified wouldn't have worked, not in the balanced way they want. However, we were more eager to play the game then to worry too much about that. So... perhaps we just missed a way to settup. I can try again later.

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    @Comedianmasta - The tiles were incorrect. I made a correction to the pdf. Try getting the latest from the website and see if that works. Thanks and sorry about the mixup.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hithero View Post
    BAD ruling on Rapid Assault, makes Patson way to powerful as it means Allied infantry can now secure objectives a turn earlier than the Blight. It was bad enough having to attack after a move, just ridiculous now. The game is now broken.
    Brasseldun can get models even further up the board, and faster. Hopefully Blight get something similar. From her description it sounds like Brandi Graham might do something similar.
    P.S. The Ostrich with a hacksaw broke the game long ago.

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    No problem. Thanks for letting me know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by joshuar56 View Post
    P.S. The Ostrich with a hacksaw broke the game long ago.
    Funny... I had one miss all three shots two turns straight before becoming points for my opponent. Anything can happen in dice games. Nothing can be counted on 100%.

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