"The King" sculpt progress.
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Thread: "The King" sculpt progress.

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    Default "The King" sculpt progress.

    New sculpt I'm working on/just starting. It's the "King"figure for a new coming game, Cathedr'l, a fantasy-Chess RPG. I'm working from the first image.
    Name:  King_ref.jpg
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    Name:  king_wip1.jpg
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    Name:  king_wip2.jpg
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    Name:  king_wip3.jpg
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    Pretty much finished him up, now. Just some detailing on the armour, cleaning up edges, etc.

    Last three WIP photos: Added in some limbs...

    Obviously, the back is a bunch of mush, since it's going to have a cloak...

    Aaaand, the cloak.

    Here he is mostly finished, just a couple different views.

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    Finished him up! Can't wait to cast him and paint a model.

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