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    Quote Originally Posted by Oldwolfen View Post
    Can you guys please recommend other sites and magazines other than the two I have just purchased ?
    Figure Painter magazine is really good. A lot of content in PDF format and only £1

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    I wish they'd looked at the old rackham magazines. Genuinely a coffee table magazine. Beautifully illustrated with some some really aspirationally minatures and scenery. The tutorials were really worth reading. Paint splatter just seems to be the base level painting. I dont need repeated instruction on edge highlighting and base coating.

    That said, i do like the extra gold daemon images. I just wish they would spend longer on fewer miniatures. Even pior to the change last month's WD was frustrating. Some really nice armies on parade, but they focused on the one with lots of squigs (nicely painted as it was)' there were a few others with mini dioramas (the nurgle plague zombies) and some interesting conversions (the adeptus mechanicus army) that deserved more attention.

    It cant be doing too badly though as WdW sold out in less than 48 hours on the webstore.

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    They must've known there is something wrong with WD over at GW, they changed it a lot over the years but it's crystal clear they haven't got a clue what it is. One less customer, check!

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    The only "inspirations" I got from Visions was from the GD winners pictures and Blanchitsu. Oh, and the ten pages of store locations! (sarcasm).

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    Just throwing in my 2 focus here. I have looked at both magazines. I liked both, but I would never pay the asking price for them. I might is Visions had more than studio models in it. Maybe it will someday? Probably not though.

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