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    Ted, congratulations on a brilliant game we have played some fantastic games.

    I am painting up my Rivets and have plans to make some standard bearers as part of the Blight/Allied forces, so in a quiet moment would you consider putting together a couple of PDFs of Blight/Allied standards/guidons for modeller to use.

    Hoping you consider this request.



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    Yeah, some rank insignia would be nice, too.

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    Water based decals would be rad. I've been looking for other WWI and WW2 decals, so I don't have to hand-paint numbers on everything.
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    We're getting water slide decals with the blitz sets, maybe in wave 2? Should work nicely for the models & for banners.

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    That's a really cool idea. I've started revamping the website and I'd love to get this type of thing posted. Bubo also had a great idea for some outline blanks that you could print out to try different color ranges.

    For Decals I've had success with ebay. Searching for WWI decals will get some results for aircraft decals of all sizes. I think stuff for 1/72 might work the best. When we were doing the stug collector set I got some decals that way and they worked out well. But the kickstarter decal sheet should work pretty well for tanks, flags, etc.

    And speaking of the website, would everyone be cool with me posting pics of their painted minis or works in progress? I mentioned to steamcrow that I'd love to link to his terrain blog. I really want to get some resources and such going for everyone. Thanks again for the great ideas. And let me know if you have other ideas for the site.

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    I'm good with my pics being used if you want them. Also, how about blank Mission and unit cards for home-brew stuff?

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    I totally forgot about the transfers coming in a future wave. Awesome!
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    My pics may be used as you see fit. I'll have more soon!

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