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    Heh, I\'m a huge prog guy too. My name (Pete Lee) is in both of Marillion\'s last two albums (Marbles and Anoraknophobia) as those people that pre-ordered the CD. I\'m going down to Chicago in October to see them in concert -- they don\'t get stateside very often, but I managed to see them on the Afraid of Sunlight tour.

    Huge Enchant fan too, but I haven\'t seen them in concert.

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    not bad. You are still cool.

    I have been seen listening to, boy george and indigo girls.

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    Tammy, I don\'t think you have anything to worry about. If it helps, I\'ll confess too: a few days ago, I got myself a song by someone going under a name of Junior Jack, and the musical pearl itself is called \"Stupidisco\". But I happen to have quite a valid excuse: I was caught by the video ...

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    Ahh, a topic about music. Just the initiation I need to waffle on for hours about obscure electronica!

    Tammy\'s original post struck a rather painful nerve with me, as I am too, harbouring some filthy secrets in my collection.

    As stated previously, I have spent the last, ah-hem...... years or so really getting to grips with IDM, electronica and all things bleepy. To the point that if I find (quite rarely) someone who shares this passion I am really quite proud to display my expansive collection of cd\'s and vinyl. But woe betide anyone who looks to the dreaded bottom shelf! For there are such horrors as;

    Various works by Jethro Tull
    Organs in Orbit (a collection of 50\'s organ music!!!!)
    Kate Bush - The Whole Story
    Multiple collections of Brass band music (I can kind of be excused these as I’m a trumpet/cornet player)
    The Monkees

    Oh for shame!!!!

    But the piece de la bo%&*cks is......

    (And I challenge anyone to beat this!)

    No Way, No Way by Vanilla

    If you haven\'t heard this than you are luckier than me. And if you have, I’m sorry.

    By way of an explanation, I did buy this as a bet with a mate, who believed I wouldn\'t have the guts to by it. HA, I showed him! Although now I wish I hadn\'t.

    I just hope you can all forgive me this atrocity to musickind!



    P.s. I saw the Wurzels at the Big Chill last summer. They did a cover of Oasis\' Don\'t look back in anger that completely rocked!

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    Default OK, stop the charade!

    It sounds to me like everyone is telling the semi-embarrassing music in their collections. Come on people, cough up the truly embarrassing stuff. The stuff that would get you laughed at. Then we\'ll have a confessional.

    I have always liked John Denver.
    I have a Pink album.
    I have a Travis Tritt album. Now I defy you to be less cool than that!
    Avril Lavigne.
    The sound track to \"Love and a 45.\"
    And I know the entire lyrics to Degenerated, the song the Lone Rangers played from Airheads.

    Come on! Be less cool than me. If you dare!


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    Default forgot some

    The Three Tenors sing Christmas Favorites!
    I have 3 Mario Lanza albums. Not only do I have them, I listen to them.
    I have a Phil Keagy album.


    ps. And I think the Rolling Stones suck.

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    Barkel has it right. You guys listen good stuff. Anyhow, I\'ll take up barkel\'s challenge.

    To ABBA, I say ABBA Teens! I\'ve got their record in my shelf.

    TaTu. Finnish popstar band Gimmel. Eläkeläiset, a finnish band who play Humppa, oldies music, and are commonly totally drunk and insult germans, who like them a lot. And they can neither sing nor play. Marusha, a 90\'s rave star from germany. Värttinä, a finnish folk music group who no one else can listen to. Try their older stuff, if you dare (and can find it). And I have loads of Mariah Carey records.

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    I am quite fond of Prog myself, so wouldn\'t call your tastes shameful.

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    Ok Ok I think I have two of the most embarrasing LP\'s:

    David Soul

    Bruce Willis: The Return of Bruno.

    Along with some classic good stuff:
    Starcastle, Moody Blues, Kansas, Barclay James Harvest, Genesis, Chris De Burgh (before Lady in Reeeeeeeeeddd!), John David Souther, Linda Ronstadt, Suzanne Vega, Joni Mitchell, Joan Beaz, Dan Fogelburgh, Jackson Brown, Renaissance and most of the Eagles albums.

    Oh yes and the classic single \"Turning Japanese\" by the Vapours.

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    Default That\'s no shame tammy...

    That\'s cute..:D

    Nothing wrong with prog rock...went to a Yes concert only last month..absolutely brilliant! King Crimson, ELP, Gentle Giant etc all grist to the mill.

    Shameful albums...that\'s hard...

    I have two Pink CDs and I am not ashamed.....Eminem..great stuff!

    Munkie: Ivor Biggun! That\'s just you and me again I guess:D

    Most of the stuff I might have been ashamed of, The Sweet, Terry Dactyl and the Dinosaurs, etc is now cool again so.... :bouncy:

    *EDIT* \'Turning Japanese\' is one of the all time classic singles...I really think so...:D

    I liked it even more when I understood what \'turning japanese\' really meant....:D

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    Default Bruce Willis! Love that Harp!

    I used to collect soundtracks when I was in middle school. I had the Moonlighting soundtrack. It had two Bruce Willis songs on it. Well, they were covers. \"Doctor, Doctor\" was one. But even better still was that it had 2 songs by Cybil Shepard on it. Classic.


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    my mothers going to flip finn...she LOVES absofrickenlutly loves eminem.

    youve started a rampage.

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    Default *looks around nervously*


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    I don\'t have shame in my musical tastes (since they\'re perfect). I like pretty much everything that has guiter and/or drums.

    My Favourite bands/solo artists: AC/DC, Aerosmith, AFI, Alice Cooper, Anti-Flag, Beatles, Billy Talent, Black Sabbath, Bob Dylan, Boston, Def Leppard, Foo Fighters, Gob, Green Day, Guns n Roses, Incubus, Iron Maiden, Jimmy Hendrix, KISS, Led Zepplin, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, Metallica, Misfits, Motely Crue, Neil Young, Nirvana, NOFX, Our Lady Peace, Pearl Jam, Pennywise, Pink Floyd, Queen, Rage Against the Machine, Rancid, Red Hot Chili Peppers, R.E.M, Rush, Sex Pistols, Sloan, Smashing Pumpkins, Soundgarden, Sublime, The Distillers, The Hives, The Offspring, The Ramones, The Who, Three Doors Down, Twisted Sister, Weezer

    As a summary, I have just about everything rock in there.

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    Originally posted by ipaintminis
    my mothers going to flip finn...she LOVES absofrickenlutly loves eminem.

    youve started a rampage.
    Eminem and any other rapper out there deserves a slow and painful torture until they go mute from screaming.

    That or their lips permanantly super-glued together.

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    Eminem and any other rapper out there deserves a slow and painful torture until they go mute from screaming.
    Tricky subject the rapper one!

    Myself, I must admit I’m a bit of a fan.

    Don’t get me wrong, the whole gangsta posturing is, well, weak to say the least!

    I’d like to be the first to say to Puffy (or, under his new moniker, Diddy!lol) “All that ICE you’re wearing are undoubtedly conflict diamonds from extremely volatile militant regimes (such as Sierra Leone), where the predominantly black workforce are regularly tortured and subjected to despicable human rights violations to produce cheap diamonds that are subsequently sold, at an incredible mark-up (thus perpetuating the tyrannical structures) to the rich few in the developed west. Way to look out for you’re brothers! HIPOCRYTE!”

    But back to the point;

    Eminem’s use of words, and particularly assonance, is very skilled.

    “I murder a rhyme,
    one word at a time.
    You’ve never heard of a mind,
    as perverted as mine!”

    Say what you will about the content, the structure of that phrase flows brilliantly well.



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    Music tastes? Hmm, nothing specific as it\'s rather mixed what I have here. I\'m a fan of Kate Bush though (and proudly so!) which often used to be the cause of my younger brothers\' displeasure. :D
    Apart from that I just buy what I like at that moment. There are few groups of which I have more than 1 cd. Rockballets, new-wave, jazz, musical, folk, celtic, pop music, Japanese drums. I also like buying local cds in other countries just to see what popular music is like over there.
    I assume everybody also has their favourite songs? Some of mine: Kate Bush -running up the hill, Babs - Kristallnach, Alan parsons project - Gaudi, Lzy - Dla miłości, warto, Smashing pumpkins - disarm, Cirque du soleil - Alegria.

    Embarassing cd\'s, well, just one: Rob de Nijs. But only the Dutch will know him.

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    Ok, this thread was meant for shameful myusic you like, ont the type you bought and them hid.....;)

    actually, eminem is just about the only rap artist I do really like, becaus he is very clever at mixing very good melody lines with his ranting...or his songwriter is anyways ;)

    Oh, bless you all, i have seen names like Kate Bush, alan Parson project, elo....i\'m so glad i\'m not the only one ;)

    Oh, and mike, I knew you\'d be a proggie(genesis), i mean, you share my shameful love of folk music afterall....

    i\'m surprised nobody mentioned supertramp at all, now there\'s some seriously great music that you cannot ever admit to liking.

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    Default *drool*..

    Originally posted by minimaker
    I\'m a fan of Kate Bush though (and proudly so!) which often used to be the cause of my younger brothers\' displeasure. :D
    I absolutely love Kate Bush..seen her live a couple of times, which not many people have done...

    Kate, Kate....come back to us..;)

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    Default heh...I am shameless...

    Originally posted by t_haye2
    ....there\'s some seriously great music that you cannot ever admit to liking.
    Genesis (when they could still boast Peter gabriel), Toto, Foreigner, Boston, Bachman-Turner overdrivelol

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