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    Spent today with a printer and a craft knife and came up with these ruined houses to replace the bunkers.

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    That is awesome. Just regular paper or did you use a thicker card stock?

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    TOO COOL! Please post the pdf. or a link to it, i'd love to make some of these for my game.

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    Post the .pdf and maybe Ted will put it on the new site. Although I wouldn't be too sure if CMON would be up for it if they are optioning the plastic components as an addon purchase...

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    Artistically, I think these are amazing. They would look great in a diorama, for example.

    Gameplay-wise, I think the walls are too high. I feel like it would be difficult to place the infantry in, especially if you are moving more than one in at a time. I have big clumsy hands!

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    Glad you like them Here's the link, only cost $1 http://www.wargamevault.com/product/...turers_id=2985
    The problem was trying to find some the right size, which is obviously impossible but these ones make a house 6"x6".

    The pack includes 4 sides, inside and out and if you increase the print size to 110% you can get the perimeter using just 2 of the walls or 4 floors. There are several different skins with various brick and wood types and bullet holes and doors if you want them. Because you can't get them the right size, when you lap the paper round the ends don't marry up properly as you can see in the photo where the joins are.

    I also used PVC foam core (used for shop signs, not the lightweight modelling foam core) as a base which is quite heavy so they shouldn't move around too much, you could also use mdf, plasticard or hardboard depending on what you have lying around.

    The paper I use is a really heavy 220gsm photo matt paper, this then gives the quality of print and the thickness to make them rigid, especially when you have to stick the inside and outside walls together.

    You shouldn't have any trouble putting the models in Donn, they are quite wide and nothing moved when I tried and I wasn't even taking any special care, If you do, then just cut them down

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    Quote Originally Posted by hithero View Post
    You shouldn't have any trouble putting the models in Donn, they are quite wide and nothing moved when I tried and I wasn't even taking any special care, If you do, then just cut them down
    I'm more than willing to admit that I might be (and probably am) wrong. It was a 1st impression response upon seeing them. Either way, I agree that they look great!

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    Those are really great. I love that you got them to match the grid so well.

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    I made a couple more up today, larger ones to battle in a town:

    And used in an actual scenario:

    They certainly add a bit more depth to the 3D game.

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    Ok, I'm sold. That's freakin sweet.

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    thanks hitherto, you have contributed so much awesomeness to rivet wars. both my buddy and I jumped on this. I downloaded the pdf, and I am not very pdf savy, but I only see the one version with the wood floors and walls. how do I get to seeing the other variations?

    (update) never mind, found it. it was all about the layers.
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    Those are some very warped boards in that first picture....
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    oh.. also, what pdf did you get that sweet fireplace and chimney?

    lol found it. its called ruined wall
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    The pdf's do take a bit of experimenting with Befree, when you print the ruin wall, don't forget to click the box to get the optional beams - I didn't. You may also need to scale them a little so they fit the grid better. I think I upped mine by 10%.

    Binary, they are not warped, I laid them on my bed as thats where I get the best light in the house. They are still perfectly flat when laid on the table as per the latest photo's

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    WOW, i'm stunned ! Have to download them!!! TKS!!!

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    This looks awesome, will be making my OWN pretty darn soon. Cheers Mate for the post.

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    These are so cool. I wonder if I could design some revit specific ones. I could do them up in Adobe Illustrator and make them inter-connectable.

    Maybe we could even do an entire interior level. Like the holding of a mansion or something. Limited vehicle use. Interesting...

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    maybe multi-level buildings? i saw some on that site as well, rivet world versions would rock, comedianmasta.

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