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    Default Wolf Guard - How can I improve?

    Just posted an entry in the galleries, and I would like to know thoughts on how I can improve my painting and my score.

    It can be viewed here: Wolf Guard


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    What standard are you aiming to get to? You have a pretty solid tabletop right there. I gave it a 7.
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    Some nice work there.

    Some suggestions.
    On this one the face is lost amongst the rest. The visual focus (for me anyway) is on the chest (his right) where the bright highlight is. Try and make more of the face on future efforts. I would have dropped the shield arm slightly lower so the shield doesn't screen the face so much and then made the whole of his head brighter (take your highlights almost to or right to white).

    The skull on the base is quite distracting being a big splash of bright saturated colour away from the figure. I would suggest more muted or desaturated colours here and repeat them on the figure somewhere maybe. You have blood on the snow perhaps some blood on the claws or his armour somewhere. This would tie the base feature into the figure and add some story.

    Your transitions on the armour look really well done in most areas. But are inconsistent in other areas (face, hair, skull on the base and gold work for example). Aim for consistency of blends across the whole model and the base.

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    another thing you could do is introduce more colors to the palette when it comes to shading !ome purple! T for greys introduce some browns like rhinos brown for the shade layers or some liche purple. Look at ten ball, Andy gs work even take a look at my gallery the orks where I've introduced some pink hues to the skin. It does wonders aesthetically when the eye sees many colors of the rainbow spectrum on a mini. Rule of thumb is shade cool( blues purple, purple browns, / and highlight warm (not necessarily adding yellow but more like beige) to your color for highlights . E.g. Bleached bone/ flayed one flesh/ screaming skull. And make sure your final step when regarding marines of any chapter is to EDGE HIGHLIGHT. And very cleanly at that(thin straight lines) made with the body of the brush head. But it's a solid tabletop mini I agree with zab!

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    Dont mix NMM and trueMM it confuses the viewer to whats metal and whats not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wombat85 View Post
    Dont mix NMM and trueMM it confuses the viewer to whats metal and whats not.
    So true. Confuses me at least. BUT, I have to go with Zab and reiterate again, that unless you're going for uber-gallery spiffiness, that's a pretty durn good model!

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