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    Grisly Reminders - the objectives are described as "size 2, do not block los". If they do not block LoS then shouldn't they be size 0? If they're size 2, shouldn't they block LoS like any other size 2 element? Or is there another effect of size other than determining if an element is blocking or not?

    Several other motivations describe objects as being "size 0, does not block los". Shouldn't it be that all size 0 elements don't block LoS?

    No Confidence - the objective markers are not described.

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    I like the concept of how the new motivations work. It will be a little odd moving some of the markers around with the figure that they are attached to, but nothing that can't be handled during play. Having markers with a Height and that Block LoS will add some additional thought to model movement. I have a few questions about them though

    What happens to the markers when the model they are attached to is killed? If I have Kill informants and I kill the Leader before the informant, does the informant just disappear?

    Protection - The way it is written, I can pass objective off to another model. So, if I have it on a Defender Lineman, He could run up and place the marker so that it is in contact with himself and a Worker, handing the marker off to the worker. The worker can then take an interact and move forward and then place the marker in contact with himself and a Zaalak. The Zaalak then drags the marker forward. From how it is written, this seems to be viable.

    Gather Intelligence - it seems that there is a single stack of intelligence markers, and that a figure has to be in contact and take an interact to remove a token from the stack - is this actually the case?

    Land Grab - Every other motivation has an upper limit built into it, either twice the number of Ranks of leaders, or there are a set number of tokens that are placed. There is no limit to Land Grab, is this correct?

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