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    I like the Ashmen changes.

    I have also figured out the Alyana Heska change...

    Offensive Mastery is moved from a melee ability to a Special Ability. Makes more sense.
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    Yes going from a 80% death ratio vs magic attacks that to a 40% with a 30% chance to retaliate is a very welcome change.

    I do have to wonder why poor Alena decided to stop practicing her deflection techniques. Perils of having to spend time on diplomacy I suppose.

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    I like the changes too. Really deals with the big problem of magic deleting Swordsmen with no effort. Also of course it looks like Shael Han has lost its 'all magic all the time' schtick, which helps Nasier a lot. On balance I think the Ashmen and all the specialists are exactly where they should be right now. Definite strengths and weaknesses to play to.

    I'm not 100% convinced about the Pelegarth but a few of them mixed in with Ashmen either to block off access to objectives etc, or sweep jammers away from the Ashmen, could be what they're good at.

    Anyway, I'm feeling very pleased as just this little buff combined with other factions generally getting toned down has got Nasier into a pretty good, balanced place, IMO.

    Looking forward to find out what the big guys with hammers do now!

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    To be honest, that is what I really want to know. the rules for the missing units and support pieces. And what the unit is going to physically look like I have hopes their models look less goofy then concept and find out what it's up with their leader that does not match. I know they mentioned it being a shape shifter. It kinda felt contrived just to use the model but could work out cool.

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    Where would I look to find the latest card updates?

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