The Treasure Hunter Promo is a special promo that is available exclusively to ACD distribution. ACD was the first distributor to jump in head first, believed in the game sight unseen and bought the promotion with a massive order. Bare in mind, the kickstarter is just the beginning of the long journey that Rivet Wars is about to take. Our job is to make sure that there is excitement and support at every level of our supply chain. We rewarded our kickstarter backers for their support by making countless promos exclusively for them. But for the game to survive and grow, we need to also take care of our distributors and retail stores, so that they too can have the same excitement in selling Ted's products. You can count on other promos and game night kits as well, just so there are no surprises.

How do you get the Treasure Hunter?

Retail stores can order directly from ACD distribution. I am not sure how it works, but as far as I know, they got a fix number of Treasure Hunters, and they either give away one per box game purchased or tag on a nominal fee. Beyond that we have a small amount left for give-aways at conventions that we are attending. Just like we have no plans on selling any KS promos directly, we don't have plans to sell any retail promos either.

Obviously, most of you are not going to purchase another copy of Rivet Wars just to get the promo, but we are going to have a lot of ways that will enable players like you to own one of these promos. We will give these out for community participation, scenarios ideas, unit ideas, painting contests, tournaments and Legion members that demo Rivet Wars should contact Derek for details.