I think the wishlist is bugged - or at least mine is. A few days ago I noticed an issue in which I had trouble adding miniatures to it, in which it simply kept replacing the latest mini. I had simply assumed this was because it had a cap on the maximum number of miniatures it could display.

Unfortunately, my guess as shattered when I went to check it today and see if It was fixed. The wish-list promptly exploded, and the once expansive list of miniatures on my 'To Buy' list of 60 or so was reduced to a mere 7.

This is very disappointing as I was hoping to make another purchase over the weekend, and at this point it doesn't look like I might be making any in the near future.

Is there any way to restore my wishlist to what it was a week ago? (Just to be on the safe side in regards to updates and crashes. It might have randomly removed 10 a day or two prior to today).

I hope you guys get this fixed and repaired soon, as this site has basically become my 'go to' in regards to miniatures.