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    glad you made it although i honestly think you got robbed of the gold but then again personally i dont mind the color of the statue.

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    Thanks, you know, I don't care about color. If I have final pin, I'm happy. All over it is bonus.

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    Big congratulations to you Tomas. A very well deserved placing.
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    Well done you deserved the trophy for sure!
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    Well done mate. I did say hello but you were a bit distracted i think.
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    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    Thank you again guys. Sorry Lee, I think I saw you a few times, but always failled to cath you That unit of golden elves was yours?

    My entries and trophies from GD Classics 2017:
    my models and trophies from GD2017 by Tomáš Pekař, on Flickr

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    I particularly like what you've done with the large guy at the back!

    Seriously, congratulations. These pieces of art are worthy of all their awards

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    Congratulations Mr. Tomas!!!!
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    Must say thank you for your words again.

    This is the Custodian, finalist in Open categoty at GD2017. Some part are litle bit speedpainted just few hours before the competition, so I made decision to make some changes later. More pictures on my flickr

    Custodian by Tomáš Pekař, on Flickr
    Custodian by Tomáš Pekař, on Flickr

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    Even knowing which parts you needed to finish, you could never tell they were speed painted.

    Superb work. I wish I had the chance to view it in person.

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    Wow! That is beautiful! And congrats on the Demon.

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    @KruleBear thanks!

    @Foxtail thanks! I'm not happy mostly with the small grey metal part on the halbert and gold missing the final white dots reflections on some parts. And of course the base is weak.

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