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    Hey, cmon community. After some fair comments on my last model Lord Kaldor Draigo, I decided to start this thread. Please, feel free to post comments. Every advice will be welcome.

    The new Dwarf Dragon Slayer was love at first sight. Model goes together very well and after short cleaning is model in the surf now. Most often I start painting with head. This is the same case. I think, I must tune the eyes. Some errors are visible on the photos. The white is beated by the blue. Maybe, I must use more iced blue. Left hand is shaded and highlighted, but I must reduce some shade, because the shading is too monotonic for me. I plan some tatoo and high gradients are not good for that.

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    This is extremely impressive. I myself would sacrifice the planned tattoo in favor of the high contrast gradient you've pleasantly achieved. It actually looks amazing. But that's just the avenue I would take if I achieved that kinda result. It really looks as if your going to make some magic no matter what path you take. Just letting you know how well I think it has became.

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    Lovely flesh tones
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    Hey Blood, I'm afraid, for me a tattoo is a mandatory element of a Dwarf Slayer in the same line with orange mohawk, striped pants or golden bracelets and ornaments. Thank you for advice, I hope if I will shade tattoo, the result wont bad.

    Thanks Zab.

    I was tried paint right hand today and It was difficult to achieve same colors as on the left hand. Eyes are repainted as well. I will make some photos tomorrow.
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    knotwork and runic glyphs for the tattoos!
    "Remember, you can't spell paint without a little pain."

    Instagram: almost_zab
    DeviantArt Handle: AlmostZab
    Art Amino Handle: Almost Perftec Painting
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    Really good skin tones...impressive.
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    Great stuff, love to work so far.

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    Looking great so far. I would definitely try to keep the highlights as they are, even with tattoos.

    Love the new GW dwarfs as well.
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    Thanks to all! I'm afraid some contrast is gone on the left hand and I must repaint some highlights there. As I was said, I was repainted the eyes. I think, the new version is much better. I basecoated beard and hair with blazing orange for better compare a final color balance and pants with dirty white. What do you say about new eyes and new skin?

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    Very beautiful Dwarf (yes i said that). Looking forward to completion. The eyes and skin look great.
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    skin looks really nice! need a zoom to see&judge the eyes though.
    really like this model, the best of the new release imo

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    Thanks for rating the skin. The eyes are better in real.
    SkelettetS, you are right, the best new plastic dwarf from GW for me too.

    Today, I spend some time with brush and this is result. If you agreed, beard and hair is finished. I'm happy how it looks now.
    Pants need some clearing. Metalics are next, but I have dilemma, true metal or nmm?

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    NMM every time!
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    Thanks to both, I'm much smarter now.

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    Real quality work. I think for this mini NMM to fit with the cartoon feel of GW.
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    ah stop that propaganda. join team TMM now!

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    lol, I should expected this match between TMM and NMM. I'd choose according the painter rank on this site, maybe

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    Meh I have no rank, I would go NMM unless it was historical, I think there was a time when dwarves and giants . . . . nope
    I have to agree you have done great with the tones of the skin and I think your style would work well with NMM.

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    Thanks for all opinions!
    This is my solution of my dilemma. I'm afraid, the colors are more bright and red than real colors but for example is good enough. Comments and critique are welcome!

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