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    I don't feel that Angel's book influenced me a lot. It was always my objective using airbrush at maximum. I´m still beginner with airbrush and Angel only shows how to achieve it.

    And progress on the model. Armor of the left leg is finished? Please, let me know

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    I Dislike you already

    Thats nice man,

    Real smooth, real shiny,. . . now to trawl the rest of your forum.

    Keep up the good work fella.
    You are ranked 9180 out of 9180 artists. WOO HOO! Im a ranked artist!

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    I don't think you can beat that armour, it looks gorgeous.

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    Thanks for your comments. I appreciate it and it is another motor of my painting.

    The progress on Bounty Hunter with the attempt to paint the cloak, but still lots of work on it. The right leg have only sketched highlights. I'm still not sure about color of a bag. I must keep colors of my chosen palette.

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    Those littletouches of red really pop against the smoth metal of the shiny armor. Ver nice.

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    Wow that armour is sweet. The reflections on the helmet especially are incredible

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    Wow, very impressive work. As Gandalf said, I don't think you can beat the nmm work so far.
    I feel your pain on the bag. Not sure if I can offer any good suggestions or not. As you said, the palette so far is very limited and part of what makes the model so effective. Main color will probably have to be black / gray to stay within your other color choices. Could perhaps add some navy blue to differentiate from the coat, since you already have a lot of blues worked into the armor. Do you have another color in mind to use as accent for the gun (eg. a lighting effect or something)? Maybe you could use something similar on the backpack as accent.

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    wow, this is some amazing painting! Really LOVE the armour. Are you go to place it in some king of setting for a vignette or so?



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    Incredibly cool paint. The armor looks very realistic increasingly. Great !!!

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    looks great=) not a fan of the minis really, but your paintjob makes them a bit better!

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    Fantastic! It looks like it was taken right out of the pages of Angel Giraldez' book.
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    Ah, thanks for suggestions and nice words! Model is planned for a painting competition on the facebook and ending date is close, so vignette or bigger base is not a priority.

    Some weekend progress, painted shotgun and a backpack. I still think, something wrong is with the coat. Maybe some freehand can save it.

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    Totally wowed by the reflections on all those curved surfaces. Looks spot on.
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    How about a little cross hatching on the coat to show some wear and tear ?

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    I don't think the problem with the coat is your painting but the sculpting. Direction of folds and tension points don't look very realistic on the back. Not that I'm a sculptor, just what my eye tells me. Your painting is just perfect, nothing wrong with that.



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    Thanks all, I have some suggestions from other sources also and my solution will not be easy Stay tuned.

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    Very nice work Persifal, the blends are IMO perfect ,nice limited pallette .
    Whats the facebook comp your entering it in..?

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    Thanks, the competition is here: Few days for get in and ending on the end of this month.

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