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    Sr, I don't understand clearly, is needed some more explanation about my painting red?

    I decided that base need some more work on. More updates this sunday.

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    Brilliantly painted figure Persifal very clean . I'm only a noob but could you darken the base by adding soil to the underside of the damaged concrete ,would this then make the base look heavier and make the figure pop more .

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    I just think there needs to be more connection in the colours between the mini and the base, I understood what you were aiming for with a monotone base but the claw contradicts this and stops it from working. I chose red because it would be easiest and harmonious connection (you can use another color on the mini too). Whether you use my suggestion of a small amount of chipped paint on the structure or 10s pigments or come up with your options It's not quite there yet. I look forward to your additions.
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    I hope a photoshoper can show what we are thinking.

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    Thanks Terrafirma!

    Canny, put it here or PM please, I'm looking forward for it!

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    Hi Persifal, I have just spotted this combination of the green cape and green algee on the fountain
    I will have a go at gimp and try to show whats in my mind

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    Wooo hoo I learnt the opacity tool
    I was amazed when you helped 10 on his NMM, I just dont have gimps skills yet to cunningly merge images to change. I hope this helps you. You can see purple in the shadows and near his foot and the red chipped paint thats worn like the eagle. Perhaps just using the purple in the shadows would be enough?
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    I'm sorry for the lack of updates here. It was a lots of work before my holiday next week. I appreciate your effort with gimp . Painting simple reflections on the photo of flat surfaces for 10 is more easier than yours. I think I understand, what you and many others painters said about washes of purple, green or brown. Now the original simple gray of the base is hidden under many coats of wash or glaze.

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    Definitely think adding red chipped paint helps alot, brings the connection like others are implying.
    I noticed something myself too, when i looked at the images (last ones form Canny) the one from the back looks more striking to me. And i noticed that in that particular photo you can't see the Tyranid claw (might be the angle of the photo too though...).
    so I did some quick Photoshopping on the 'front-image' and shopped the claw out of the image. Also added some dark greens and dark spots to the base.
    I'm not implying to take the claw away, but for me it is not really on the same level as the rest and although not a huge one it is distracting me a bit.
    Maybe something to think about or something for others to give some feedback on...
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    I think the darker base works better , could you try making the claw blend in more with the base so it's not so much a distraction than just part of the base..?

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    shot guys I the ideas coming out for this Persifal are great
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    Quote Originally Posted by Canny View Post
    shot guys I the ideas coming out for this Persifal are great
    Good ideas coming from photoshop images. It is very helpful to see.

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    My apologies for my another long silence. I took break from hobby. Reasons was many and on the top of them my frustration with painting an iron halo of the Captain and problems with the base. It was enough of procrastination, I decided last week and I took brush again. In few painting session I was able to 'finish' Captain to this state.

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    dude thats some really reeeeeally nice painting! yey...
    oh i know how it feels not being totally happy with some details! honestly to me the base is one level below the fantastic miniature. its like... two different styles that clashes, cartoony miniature on a "realistic" base, u know?

    and man he got some slim thighs/upper legs!

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    Only thing I don't like, as SkelettetS said, is the different between the paint on the miniature (cartoon) and the base (real style).

    Many thanks,
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    Thanks SkelettetS, aniku!
    Problem with bases are my never ending story. And slim legs is never ending story of GW terminators. I hope, me and GW will breaks it . And I must be first.

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    Top work sir, don't get stressed out its a real sweeeeeet paintjob
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    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    Sweet job! I think its great, I can see what has been pointed out but as 10 says dont worry be happy!

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    Awesomel work. And the contrast (mentioned several times) between "real" base and "less realistic" figure I come not essential ... As a whole, it's a great job, no doubt. Really great, I think.

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