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    This question is for the administration. I am active in three different gaming groups and my family group. So I wanted to take advantage of being in the The Legion since we all love Zombicide and Rivet Wars. The problem is that in two of the groups one of the other members also wants to take advantage of The Legion benefits.

    Is that okay as long as we are running different events? Also if the two of us go to the same convention and we each run games can those count? Or can we both get credit for an activity doing it together?

    We both really want to enjoy the swag but we also do not want to violate the rules.

    Can somebody help us?

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    The short answer, Lance, is yes. In fact, in one of our bigger local store, we have up to 3 Legion members tied to this one store, all doing different games. And some Legionnaires like to rotate their games, so they don't get stuck doing the same old, same old all the time. We have plenty of games that you can demo, check out for a complete listing. In bigger conventions, we do encourage multiple Legionnaires, so when the interest is low, you can play each other, and then let someone watching cut in. It is much less awkward than sitting there staring at people walking by. Also, having more than one person there allow each of you to enjoy the con while the other one is demoing.

    Of course, this is ultimately Derek's decision on what manpower gets allocated to what event or location.
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    That sounds great and I am jealous that you say "one of our bigger local store". I wish we had ONE big local store. In any case, I will wait for Derek's official decision. I have run lots of games at various HMGS and local conventions. I am looking forward to getting back into doing that. Thanks for the kick start!

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