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    Default General P takes the Walker

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    A quick survey of the surroundings. My paint guru has given me a high bar to achieve. (Nobody thinks that thing is a cigar)
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    The rest of the motley crew...
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    Amazing! You're detailing is spectacular. Patston is great and I love what you've done blue front of the Ostrich!


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    Looking great, pf course you should have said that Patson takes the Ostrich out for a spin

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    These are the pro-painted half of my army done by Dennis Morin. Trust me, my half isn't going to look as good. Dennis has done much to inspire me and get me on the path to painting on my own. I owe him a lot for that and want credit for his beautiful work to be clearly his.

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    they look awesome, too bad Dennis doesn't live near me:-)

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