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    I've always been a fan of dioramas. I still have old copies of The Verlinden Way on my shelf that I love to just flip through. Anyway seeing all of you having fun with the minis got me excited to do something with the Rivets. So I made a little factory setup. I'm not a great mini painter the way many of you are but it's still fun to just set these guys up and take pics from "eye level". Getting ready to Get in the Fight!

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    Very cool, I loved the battlefield diorama that was done by Rob Hawkins. Are all the little props and backgrounds made by yourself or a 3rd party?

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    It reminds me of the old diorama you had, Ted. From a year or so ago?
    Always love it. Is Uncle Rivet getting his hands dirty, or is he inspecting the facility?
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    Super cool! Love seeing the other accessories too... Nice job!
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    Thanks guys.

    @Carrot - Yeah his RW diorama is amazing. The background in this pic is a Gundam set I got off of ebay. There are maybe 6 versions I think? They all interlock so you can make a huge base and all the various sets come with different cranes or vehicles. I think this shows that we need to make a Rivet Ground crew and vehicle recovery unit


    Binary - Good eye. It's the same background but in the old image I had it filled with sturmpanzers. The ostrich was still a dream in my sketchbook. Uncle Rivet is cracking the whip.

    some more:
    Here's a group of 4. I love the crane one. http://www.ebay.com/itm/4-x-TT-MECHA...item2ecad29714

    This guy really did a great job of lighting and detailing his set. http://gunplafederation.blogspot.com...1_archive.html

    Be neat to load a few ostrichs on this to take to the front. http://wwimodeller.co.nz/new-from-bl...ler-resin-kit/
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    Uncle Rivet cracking the whip with his bulldog in tow I see
    An M3 in the back and now who is that in front... perhaps a mountaineer?

    Just awesome as a teaser image!

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    Very cool picture. The Rivet Wars figures are so full of character that they seem to naturally fit into dioramas very well. Can't wait to get the surplus of minis I have coming to me in the second shipment to make some cool scenes myself.

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    awesome Ted, i love those gundam backdrops! would be a great dio to have a crane servicing an ostrich, like in this sketch you posted earlier:
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    As a former Gunpla crazed fan, those backdrops were awesome. Loving the Ostrich factory, and good call, as I didn't realize it was the same as the Sturmpanzer pic!

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    Great diorama. I really liked the Sturmpanzer one also. I ordered extra Sturmpanzers just because they are so awesome! Can't wait to get the rest of your great figures!

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    Dang it! I had to go and order some of those backdrops. They are too cool!
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    Ted, or anyone that has one of those Hangar sets, what size is the baseplates? 8"x8", or 12"x12"? Thanks!

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    I lost the exact measurements, but it's just a tad over 6 inches square for the base, and 6.5 inches tall... if I got the measurements right. They're on one of the eBay listings.
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    Oh wow, they look much bigger. These would be great to make the interior of a starship for other games, but buying 24 would be pricey all at once...

    Thanks Steamcrow!

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