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Thread: Bulldog's rusty old Rivet(wars)

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    Few Heroes painted, Jetpacker, The Veteran, R-100 and Atomic Robo along with their respective plug-ins

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schmapdi View Post
    I vote Bulldog not be allowed to post anymore until he stops making us all look and feel bad with his productivity and skill.
    Veto. More awesome pictures always welcome.

    Loving Atomic Robo!
    Rivet Wars Scenario Editor - http://www.tehill.net/RivetWars

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    Each one you post is better than the last. Fantastic work.

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    Few more Heroes finished....

    General E. Romler

    General G. Patston

    Lt. Edwina Brasseldun

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    Dear Bulldog -

    I absolutely love your Rivet Wars paint jobs. Your shading, distressing, and highlights are really fantastic.

    Please consider making us a step-by-step tutorial on how you do it... either in photos (which would be fine) or a video.

    We'd really appreciate it!

    Thank you!
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    I have run out of suitable adjectives I can use to describe what I'm seeing.

    But I agree some step by step photos or video would be fascinating to watch. You attention to detail is brilliant.
    Rivet Wars Scenario Editor - http://www.tehill.net/RivetWars

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    I was seriously going to ask the same thing. A tutorial video would be great!

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    Wow - Just joined this forum, well for second time I forgot why I joined the first time Still enough of that joined this time cos I just bought RV. Not played yet or painted anything cos I stupidly fell out of my newly delivered mobility van and fractured in several places my painting arm. So amuseing myself watching video blogs of RV and reading the forum drooling over the various pic

    Superb Bulldog, simply Superb, thanks for sharing

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    I'll try and put some sort of tut together in the future. I am enjoying painting these things so much I don't really think about stopping to take pictures! I can assure you though there is nothing special, not really even much blending or fancy pants stuff, just layers of lighter colours to create the nmm effects, in fact I would go as far as to say these are the easiest things I have ever painted for the prettiest results! As I said I will try and put together a tut some time in the future but I'm more of a 'jump in and experiment' sort of chap, its the best way to learn IMHO!

    Jabba, that's just cruel irony! I am definitely laughing with you and not at you mate as it reminds me of the time I tripped up over my crutches and bust the stitches on my newly sliced up knee!


    Few more bits n pieces done for the old RW...

    X-5 Gyroplanes and Zeppelin Scouts

    As well as a few more Heroes, Rosie the Riveter, Corporal Cher Ami, 2 versions of Terror Nova and Man in Charge, with their respective plug-ins of course

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    No Worries, even my arthritis consultant remarked on my laughing about it - what else can you do lol. I put it down to all the pain killers, happy pills and steriods I'm on ; priase the lord and pass the pills

    I find your work inspiring mate and have saved the pics for ref when I can hold a brush again - keep them pics coming close ups preferred, cheers

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    More amazing work. I'm really looking forward to seeing what you do with the big tanks from the Heavy Metal expansion.

    Random question. A while back you said this about your planes:
    Quote Originally Posted by Bulldoguk View Post
    they are actually on magnetic gimbals so they can twist and turn to their hearts content in a deadly dance of death!
    Do you have a link to what you used exactly?


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    Mountaineers, Trench Raiders, 'Baby Girl' & 'Captain Elsa Frost' finished!

    NitsuD, I don't have any links mate but they are basically ring magnets glued onto the stands and simple ball bearing glued onto the bottom of the aircraft....just a matter of deciding what size will do the trick then googling...simples!

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    Do you have a facebook for these or put these up on your facebook? I would love to see this in a giant album all together that I could flip through. I would also like to share that album on my Landship Scorpios Facebook page. These are lovely.
    ~Lieutenant Nathaniel Flint of the Landship Scorpios

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    Hi comedianmasta, I have a facebook page, not sure if this link works? https://www.facebook.com/tanksandtrolls if not its 'tanks & trolls'

    I also have a page dedicated to the RW forces on my website http://www.tanksandtrolls.co.uk/home.htm

    Hope this helps

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    Please,Take the time to demonstrate your techniques.


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    Another day, another round of Rivetwars miniatures finished!

    This time we have the remainder of the Battle of Brighton set including the B-12 Dorchester, Polsten Quad Gun for the Allies and the Zeppelin Bomber and 88 Flakker for the Blight. Also Various plug-ins including the Allied X-3 Rocket, Pneumatic Revolver and Blight Grenade Turret and MG Anti Air

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    So cool mate love how they all work so well with each other and what you've done previously. Can't wait to see the full painted factions together on the boards.
    Salutes to you bud.

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    Soon as its all done bud I will take some complete Blight, Allied & Neutral faction pics, not much to go now!

    In the meantime, some more eyecandy...my treat

    More Rivetwars! Allied Clockwork Soldiers & Uncle Rivet. Blight Plague Troopers, Lt. Dora Rollen, Cruel Minie, Iron Chancellor and Dr. Vorne

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    God you make me wish I could paint, seriously how do these just keep getting better. Colour scene on zombies (our favouritevp unit, house rule you must groan/shout Zombie!! Whenever they deploy or achieve anything at all) is spot on, and the latest examples of bald-bonces are simply beautiful. Arrgh dome envy!

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    I know if I could get these results, I would get 1 mini done and then stare at it for 6 months.

    Don't you have a job to go to Bulldoguk?

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