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Thread: Bulldog's rusty old Rivet(wars)

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    Looking good Bulldoguk.

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    Just trying to kill a little time until wave two is here :P

    Sandbags added. Removable in sections so the boards can stack. Next job to start chopping some balsa and creating those duck boards then a splash of paint!

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    Burnt a little midnight oil and got the duck boards finished. Quite a relaxing job, hardest part was eating all those lollies fast enough so I could use the sticks!

    Great thing I discovered is the sandbags slot into the trenches when not in use and it all stacks neatly, wish I could say it was by brilliant design but I have to be honest, totally lucked out on that one!

    Hopefully find some spare time in the next couple of weeks to get some paint onto it, can't wait to run a game over it!

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    Looking brilliant! How'd you make those great tire marks in the foam? The stacking is fantastic. Really well engineered.

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    They are just burned in using one of those poly sculpting tools Ted, I picked my set up from ebay a couple of years ago, only just found a use for it with this sort of stuff but its incredibly relaxing carving styrene up...of course that could just be the fumes :P

    I built a fortress a while back from standard poly packing, while it looks quite nice, the ultra high density poly I used for these boards is definitely the way to go, much denser allows for more defined details and a lot more resistant to damage

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    Looking really good and somehow you have overcome having huge joins between tiles.

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    These looks amazing! Thanks for sharing the process with us

    The track marks are brilliant and the craters are a really nice touch.

    I never get bored of people's sandbags either!
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    Really nice job, well done.
    Also love all the stuff in the background behing the fortress. Titans and crossbows, living the dream

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    Room is at critical mass Carrots, not sure if the house foundations can take much more!

    Rivet Board all done! Roll on wave 2 KS releases so I can put this bad boy to some real good use! Looking forward to the 3D mines, barbed wire etc. Should fill out that no man's land nicely

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    I think I found the same foam type as you Bulldoguk. I have built four so far. Being in community theater has slowed me down thoough. Anyway I'll trade you a hint for a hint. To hold your squares close and securly together when being played, you can use large picture frame corner joiners. They dig right into the bottom of the aom and casual bumps will not effect them. The caveat is be careful - they are sharp!

    So my qustion for you is how did you make those linear (tread) markings?

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    Hi Lance King, considering the boards looked like HUUUGE chocolate brownies while I was painting them you might be led to believe those 'tyre marks were actually teeth marks...I was tempted at times

    I think I mentioned earlier in this thread, but the tyre marks are simply melted in using one of these poly sculpting tools. Sort of mark them one way with just the tip then alternate in the other direction once or twice. You could probably do it with a hot knife which is how I would have done it before I had the electric tools but these things are worth their weight in gold, having a constant heat rather than having to stop and re-heat

    Thanks for the tip btw but I don't have any issues with boards moving, I just throw down one of these flock gaming mats and these puppies don't budge, the backing board sticks like the proverbial s*it to an army blanket. Keep it simple stupid saves the day again!

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    Yeah I get the brownie thing. That where mine are at right now. Ugh! Are the sand bags commercial? 28mm or O scale?

    I may use a gaming mat. I think I have a couple of brand new ones I never used.

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    I made the sandbags mould up ages ago to go with the 1/16 tank collection I once had. They are all singles which I glued together into sets for the board but strictly speaking are officially way out of scale. However, I would class myself as having a very casual approach to the hobby with remarkably low standards so, meh, they look the part, do the trick and make the game more fun so job done far as I am concerned

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    Brilliant game of Rivet Wars Yesterday, friend and me playing the Blight just managed to pull a victory out of the hat by shooting the Allied carrier Pidgeon before he made it to the enemy HQ with vital orders. Last turn was neck and neck with both sides needing only 1 Victory point to win!

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    Love the Lighting, it adds to the war-torn effect and looks bleak and the shading on the fox-holes are even better now!

    Also like the Starbucks coffee - all commanders need a boost - hehehe
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    Wave 2 arrived a while ago but it's gonna be a slow process painting things up in between the bazillion other things I am juggling, figured I will grab a handful of random miniatures every now and then so started with some of my favourites, The Red Baron and Reme Funck. TALLY HO!

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    I really like how you angled them on their flight stands. And, for as fast as you seem to paint, I'm sure you'll be done with Wave 2 by Christmas!

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    they are actually on magnetic gimbals so they can twist and turn to their hearts content in a deadly dance of death!

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    These are excellent! I particularly like the colour gradients on the wings; both work equally well. Looking at how you've painted the Baron's wheels, there isn't a noticeable defect with the model.
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