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Thread: Bulldog's rusty old Rivet(wars)

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    Self employed Scritter but I find it easy to work around things and have never been one to sit and twiddle my thumbs

    Here we have the Allied M11 Double Play commanded by Shady Durgle, the M-20 base with Slammer Turrets and Another Ostrich to add to the forces!

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    More excellent paint jobs. I particularly like Shady and the overall rusting look brilliant. Well done sir! I'm just sad there's not much left for you to paint!
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    Aye Decar, finally just about scratched the RW itch, guess bar a few repeat miniatures from the core box and the odd KS scenery piece I can have a little rest (least from this project) until Ted pulls his finger out and gets the new KS up n running :P

    I do plan to make some nice scenery to go with my funky board however so that's probably something I will get onto right away as I don't like playing on a second rate table when everything can be as blingy as possible!

    In the meantime, pretty much the final eye candy as far as new troops are concerned <sigh>

    Blight Gryphon's Hammer commanded by Otto Kuleman, Mk IV Mounts with Flamme Turrets and an Additional Sturmpanzer painted! That's pretty much everything done, just a few bits and pieces here n there so I guess I better start building some scenery to compliment the board!

    I'll get some full on faction shots ASAP

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    Bit of airbrush, bit of brush work Asatru, whatever I find most appropriate and quickest at the time! I generally lay down the base colours with the AB then finish with brush blending as it tends to give gaming minis a much stronger contrast, something I like considering they are usually views from a couple of feet

    Well, I thought I was done for a while, then decided probably a good idea to get some of the supplied scenery painted!

    I reckon these will probably see service in my other games such as Dust!

    Blinged over the flags a little to make them more visible in the fog of war, well, actually the haze of tea vapours and custard cream rubble...

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    The most amazing thing for me is absolutely everything from the kickstarter fits into 3 kr cases....bonus!

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    Great stuff! Thanks for sharing the ride.

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    Know that Mr Welles is always clapping:

    By the way, what configuration of KR cases did you go for. I've looked several times and got really confused; it looks like you worked it out perfectly!
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    Hi Decar, can't remember if it was a specific box set up or if I did a custom buy from the website, top layer has 30mm x 30mm x 52'ishmm compartments and the bottom layer is roughly 80mm thick tear n share stuff or whatever its called! Its always good to keep the bits you pull out I find, they can be handy for re-configuring the layout if you add more/different units

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    Started working on some scenery for the board, figured I would get stuck into some generic ruins and church to get my eye into the style. All sections are bases on the grid sizes of the game board and house 4 infantry figures

    WIP of course, need to tidy up the masters then its time to make some moulds!

    Church, 3 ruin sections and modular wall sections

    The church comprises of two sections and 3 levels to fight over, the doors, floors and roof will be removable to allow easy access

    Of course it wouldn't be complete without a graveyard!

    3 ruin sections, again modular and doors and roofs are removable, I intend to create an accessory pack that will include external signs, internal pieces such as picture frames, etc, nothing too fancy or it starts to interfere with figure placement

    Modular wall sections which will allow you to build pretty much any shape of you wish on the battlefield, should provide for some interesting battles!

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    The more I see your work; the more I think you actually enslave thousands of small children and feed them nothing but peanuts in order to get so much done in so little time. Can't wait to see where you take these!
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    Bulldog! These are super cool!

    What are you making them out of? (for your sculpts.)

    Are you planning on casting them out of resin?
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    Been feeding those slaves extra peanuts Decar, look what they did! LOL

    Few more WIP stuff for Rivet Wars! Cute little Airfield, medic tent and river sections (bridge to follow). Oh and what's that? Train tracks? Guess I better build a train! Thinking of using a simple system to recycle the troops through the medic tent, hence the bed and chair, 'dead' troops would first be placed by the side of the bed then next turn the chair and finally released to create more mayhem!

    Asatru/Steamcrow, sculpting out of plasticine, taking me back to my childhood days! Yes, will be casting from a super hard resin/plaster mix, might run a small kickstarter as I cant really afford the silicone at the moment, however I am enjoying this stuff so much I would rather empty my brain before I start making moulds, saying that I cant wait to paint them and see them on my 3D board, gonna look the danglers!

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    Make sure you make some molds before you paint them... some of us are really going to want a set of these. (ME first!)

    I'd support your KS, private sale, or whatever.
    Check out more Steam Crow art here!

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    Steam Crow is not wrong I would think you are onto a sure fired winner here mate - count me in

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bulldoguk View Post
    Been feeding those slaves extra peanuts Decar, look what they did! LOL
    Looks to me like you're feeding them cashews now - you're getting quality results!
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    Loving these mate, they're turning out awesome.
    After seeing your units can't wait to see the final results of these painted up.
    BTW, did you ever treat us all to an in-game pic of your units on that great game board you made, hint,hint,nudge,nudge.

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    Army pics coming soon mate, just painting up a few repeats to pad things out

    Fantastic job on your buildings and stuff as well bud but for gaaawds sake collate them all into one thread!!!

    Hopefully make a start on a few more scenery related things tomorrow (or tonight) watch this space!

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    okay there are reasons I did it, but i've clearly gaffed on it as you're not the only one who said that. (sorry to briefly high-jack your thread bud)
    So erm yeah, could you or someone kindly tell me how to erase my multiple threads entirely so I can put them into one, cause I'm lost, looked at options and can't find it.
    I've got three more buildings to show, Blighton Airport, corner shop, Brewmeisters Bar, and wip Vorne's bunker-lab, and some board pics of everything I've done so far
    But I don't want to annoy any more riveters, I'll also contact the admin guys for help, but anyone who knows I'll be in your debt.

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    Rivet Choo Choo! (wip, still got to tidy things up)

    Room for two crew!

    Includes troop cars...

    And larger cars for tanks n things!

    The Caboose can take standard RW Plug-ins

    The top can also be removed so it can be used as a standard goods wagon (put what you like in it)

    Or with my simple slot-in sections can represent coal wagons

    Or ammo and equipment!

    Start laying those tracks!

    Oh and I made a bridge to go with those river sections

    Next up? Maybe a tank factory?

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    Oh my god those are awesome, after seeing your tracks previously I've started on telberg south station with a little bit of track as simple with plasticard strips and just a couple of two space cars for obstacles/scatter terrain, but these are absolutely brilliant. All you need now is to devise some cool scenarios to show them off on the table (your) table.
    Can't wait to see what you come up with next, also nice to see someone else using salvaged Gubbins in their builds, what are the rivets, pins?

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