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Thread: Bulldog's rusty old Rivet(wars)

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    oh my = you must make molds of them and sell to the lesser mortals, pretty please

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    Hi Dman, soon as I find a space in my table I will set the board up! The little rivets are half round beads, found em on ebay about a thousand for a quid, think they are card making gribblies.

    Jabba, it's in the pipeline mate, I am sculpting things in such a way as to creating one piece moulds where possible so no fiddly assembly, just throw some paint on and you are away, probably looking at a small kickstarter to raise funds for silicone, I want to get things made as I am really looking forward to seeing some colour on these things too, I can't play with them either until I cast some up! The good lady has seen fit to book a holiday at the end of this month first thing I new about it and to be honest I would rather be stuck up in my man cave playing with plasticine but a guess a break is always good! As such probably aiming at end of March to kick things off....gives me a little more time to make some more stuff...woohoo!

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    Figured with all this new scenery I would need some more of the little guys to populate it so decided to paint up the additional cannon fodder that came with my kickstarter..result, a bucket load of Rivets..thaaaaasands of 'em!

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    Rivet Wars factory WIP! A chimney Fred Dibnah would be proud of! 4 grid large building (or it could actually be used as a smaller 2 grid factory), Internal rooms designed in such a way that you will have to fight for every inch of ground! Combine it with the Choo Choo and imagine a multitude of scenarios. Maybe you have to protect the train delivering walker parts so you can recruit the Boss mechs, or maybe the factory is building the mechs and slowly loading them onto the train together with supplies to deliver to the front line, chop chop before the Blight forces capture the factory! How about using it as a forward repair facility similar to the Medic tent? What next? working on a couple of replacement ruined sections for it and then maybe some bunkers, possibly a secret lab for Dr Vorne's nefarious experiments..how about a portal to another dimension while we are at it (think along the lines of a stargate type thing) hmmmmm

    The little conveyor is removable so you can effectively use these two rooms as a large warehouse maybe?

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    Knocked up a few conversion sections to change the factory into a ruin

    Consist of 2 room sections, two new damaged roofs and a destroyed chimney, great thing is these can be used separately as smaller scatter scenery...

    Or of course used along with the factory to create a damaged version, either start this way or represent a destroyed factory part way through the game, production has stopped, maybe you need to get things up and running before you can start deploying those larger mechanised units!

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    Made up some 'scatterbags' I reckon these will look great all over the battlefield, I intend to replace my bodged up original bags with these pronto!

    4 Straights, 2 external corners and 2 internal corners

    I also created a little accessory pack so you can spruce up the bags, give them a little personal touch

    So from a 'plain' scatterbag section like this...

    You can have a little fun and create this!

    Or one for the Blight!

    That's probably it for a while now as I need to concentrate on our current kickstarter and do some space stuff. The Rivet stuff will be our next KS btw, hopefully April I still have LOADS of ideas for extra bits however so this isn't the end!

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    you just outdo yourself time and time again. Wow.
    ~Lieutenant Nathaniel Flint of the Landship Scorpios

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    WOW ! Fan blooming tastic - can't wait for the KS. Well done and I'm sure a huge thanks from all of us

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bulldoguk View Post
    That's probably it for a while now as I need to concentrate on our current kickstarter and do some space stuff. The Rivet stuff will be our next KS btw, hopefully April I still have LOADS of ideas for extra bits however so this isn't the end!
    Holy &#!@, April can't come soon enough. I can't wait to see your KS for this stuff.

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    Fun game of Rivet Wars last night, Allied forged ahead with victory points when Wolverine was air-dropped right next to an objective and held it under heavy fire, heroic! As the battle on the ground started to heat up forward observers reported a bright red aircraft buzzing the trenches, the Red baron was on the hunt! In rapid response the Allies own Ace took to the skies and Reme Funck scored first blood wounding the Red Baron in a deadly aerial dance of death. Reme then dived low and strafed several Blight troops helping clear them from an objective with combined fire from the Wolverine, however this was his undoing as he should never have taken his eyes off the Baron, after a volley of ground fire inflicted another wound the Red Baron closed in for the kill and chalked up another victim!
    Meanwhile down on the ground the battle heated up, the Allies had held 2 objectives for several turns and the points were adding up however the Blight General had finally mobilized his heavy armour and specialised Trench assault squads stormed into the objectives, alas it was too late and the allies claimed the battle....but not the war! To be continued....

    I managed to paint up some of the scenery that will be part of our next kickstarter, sandbags look pretty funky, I will try and get some buildings and airfields done for next game!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bulldoguk View Post
    I managed to paint up some of the scenery that will be part of our next kickstarter, sandbags look pretty funky, I will try and get some buildings and airfields done for next game!
    We're all on pins and needles....when?

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    Fantastic mate so envious, and I can't wait for the ks

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    Glad you're liking 'em guys
    Things are looking on target for our current KS so fingers crossed we are looking at June some time for the RW stuff, likely to be towards the end as looks pretty likely I may be out of action for a couple of weeks Mid June with another knee op (nearly a year on the damn waiting list for op number 9!)

    In the meantime keeping myself busy...

    Started to make up and paint some samples pieces in preparation for our next kickstarter some time in June. Aerodrome and sandbags here, must say actually creating and painting these chaps is nearly as much fun as playing the game!

    Sandbags, 2 sets. 4 x straights. 4 x corners

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    Very good news and works


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    OH BOY ! loving these can't wait, Bloody Marvellous - can we swear on this forum lol

    appologies to those who are offend these models bring out the beast in me

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    These are brilliant mate, can I ask how they are used on the table, it looks like you could fit four infantry still on the grid, but would they be counted as cover and not allow tanks or two space units on the grid with them. Could possibly do with some straight top-down pics to illustrate.
    Keep up the awesome work : )

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    I am assuming you mean the sandbags D-man? Yes I was surprised myself when we fitted 4 infantry on the grid with the sandbags quite easily, I was expecting only two to fit and making some sort of special rule or something!. As it stands we just used them as barriers in our game, allowing infantry through, stopping cavalry and if any armoured vehicles entered the square we simply destroyed the bags in that square, worked well considering we winged it on the night, I guess you could even allow them to bolster troops in the square as long as LOS travelling through the bags before hitting the troops?

    Btw on the subject of bolster how do you guys play it, does it stack? We thought no as it seemed a little too powerful at the very least a minimum of one attack dice allowed? situation was Wolverine in a bunker, we just gave him the single bolster

    I will try and find time to paint up some more scenery pieces, time, oh what I wouldn't give for MORE time!

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    The way we play it: it stacks. As you stated, in rare situations it can be incredibly overpowered. However, with a minimum of one attack, it doesn't affect as much as you would think. I also think it depends on the setup as well. In most scenarios, bunkers are decently away from the action. I rarely have a ton of use for them anyway.
    ~Lieutenant Nathaniel Flint of the Landship Scorpios

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    Sprinked a little more paint over some creations, this time the ruins, walls and graveyard!

    Ruins comprise of 3 different 1 square model which can also be linked to make a larger ruin (I have purposely left tumbled walls, etc to allow access to various sides)

    The walls comprise of 4 separate sections which allow you to build all sorts of shapes!

    Graveyard is a 2 square set (or just use one if you are short of space) it will probably come in the same set as the church which I will paint up ASAP as it looks awesome!

    The Rivet warfield so far...really starting to fill up!

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    Oh Boy! Please start the ks asap also consider painted items for those of us with no talent

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