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Thread: Bulldog's rusty old Rivet(wars)

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    Totally agree lance, the painting part is always fun, as long as your happy with the results and enjoy the game that's the important thing. To be brutally honest the lighting conditions where we play are so bad I could finger paint these things and they would suffice and for most part once finished they inevitably end up tucked away in one of many many kr multicases I have stacked on the shelves seldom seeing the light of day, to my shame! As long as your minis get regular use, job done If it's any conciliation practice makes perfect people, my first miniature was pretty basic, ok that was about 30 years ago, but I have learned by my mistakes never followed any sort of tutorials and just gone with what felt comfortable, simple and easy is always the best way I find!
    actually, this has got me thinking, I think I may actually still have the first minis I painted tucked away somewhere, I will dig them,out and show you there is hope for everyone!
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    Would you mind sharing what kind of paint you find works best for your miniatures, or do you use an array of paints/pigments/etc? again, fantastic work on these, i'm getting excited about painting my set as well!

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    Wow fantastic looking models! I will definitely be referring to this thread when it comes to paint my wave 2 allies.

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    Really nice job, Bulldog. Great details.
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    Hi Bubo, I use 3 main brands, Miniature paints, games workshop and Tamiya

    I generally lay down base colours and basic shading using the airbrush and Tamiya colours thinned 50/50, its just soooooooo much quicker!
    I then always finish off using the good old hairy stick and brush blending, lining etc using the other two brands, I just find this tends to strengthen the colours a little and makes them 'ping' on the table
    I don't bother with any fancy weathering powders or products, things come out perfectly fine for gaming standards, I mean, lets be honest most models are seen from a distance of about 2 feet when playing

    If anything on the larger 40k stuff I will just mix a little pva with brown paint and soil and flick over using an old toothbrush to add a little texture and mud


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    thank you Bulldoguk, what a great post!
    i've been toying with going arcylic for painting my minis. I've been using enamels & laquers for the most part. Do the acrylics hold up well enough on the table?
    do you clear-coat your work when finished?

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    this might be helpful for people wondering what the pva & pigment technique is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JgWpEQ9JSs4#t=26

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    Hi bubo, I guarantee that after going down the acrylic road you will never turn back. Just give the figures a little scrub with soapy water, I just use one of those soap dispenser things and an old brush, swill em with clean water then leave to dry, give a good undercoat of a colour of your choice, I generally use auto sprays for this (again acrylic based nowadays)

    Varnish gloss or Matt is really a preference for many people, while gloss is much more hard wearing than Matt, Matt offers a much better finish and cuts a lot of sheen down which in my opinion spoils the look of the models. I solve this problem in a simple way, hit the model with a gloss varnish for wear and tear, let it dry then use a good Matt varnish for a good finish, easy

    Plastic figures in my opinion nowadays are vastly superior to metals, detail wise they are nearly on par and my heart doesn't stop when I drop a plastic mini as they are so resilient, I've seen them bounce several times get kicked under the table and placed back on the table without a mark...brilliant! In fact I'll get a picture of how I store my zombiecide minis, you wouldn't believe the haphazard way they just get thrown into the case after a game session, wouldn't dream of doing that with metals or resins!

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    Years ago I was at Gencon (in Milwaukee) and a guy was running a 6mm Napoleonic game. It was a bad experience because of the rules/scenario but what totally amazed me was how people were gushing over his paint jobs! The problem was the figures were only painted from the waist up!! And no one even mentioned that!

    Quote Originally Posted by Bulldoguk View Post
    To be brutally honest the lighting conditions where we play are so bad I could finger paint these things and they would suffice !

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    Perhaps it was a wrestling/napoleonic crossover Lance and they were HALF Nelson's....ba dum...I'm here all evening !

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    Finished a few blight pieces, Sturmpanzer and Monowheel Dragoons, should hopefully have the rest of the Blight forces done this weekend

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    All done! Starter set completed, roll on wave two!

    Sturmpanzer with General E. Romler and Der Cyclops plug-ins

    MG08 Schlitten

    Jager Erwin Romler and Baron Gaston Tankken

    Panzerfaust Troops

    You wouldn't think they all fitted in the box!

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    Any interest in trading sets? Think of it as "more practice" before the 2nd wave comes. I know you wouldn't want your skills to get rusty....
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    dude that is amazing. I was about to say how much I love your romler, and the dragoons, and the infantry... and realised that I would just end up naming everything. so can I just say that they are all amazing. cant wait to see your take on all the second wave stuff

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    Yeah just amazing. Those looks so good.

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    Agreed! Your figures all look magnificent, Bulldog. Super nice!
    Check out more Steam Crow art here!

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    The more I enjoy painting a miniature the better it usually turns out so hats off to Ted's awesome miniatures is all I can say...a JOY to paint!

    On a slightly different note, dug these out from the back of a shelf and dusted them off. Knocked them up a while ago using some old toy eggs and polystyrene for use in wings of glory but I am planning on up-scaling the flight path rules and playing some pure dogfight games with the rivet aircraft, these will be brilliant for that, they look all chunky n rivety!

    Little rough around the edges but now I have discovered high density poly I may well make some more along with a larger airship

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    Treasure hunter painted, arrived yesterday dinner time, was painted in a couple of hours, such is my froth for this game!

    Gah! I HATE SNAKES! (and autofocus by the looks!)

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