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Thread: Bulldog's rusty old Rivet(wars)

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    Hi jabba, all being well I may offer very limited painted pledges...lets play it by ear and see how things go!

    Painted up the medic tent and accessory packs! The tent will be a house rule sort of thing, I have in my minds eye a simple rotation mechanism to 'heal' units rather than having to pay to deploy, casualties hit the bed first, next turn they are in the chair then the turn after that they are free to cause havoc again, great for bringing those heroes back! The accessory pack will be unpainted retail of course but its a fun way of customising all those pieces of scenery and adding a little character

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    Excellent Mate these bits are ART true ART. Please put me down for any painted stuff if you do them, as I have a habit of missing the boat on Kickstarters.

    Basically I will buy the biggest pledge and more, I can't wait

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    I ran out of good things to say watching you paint your miniatures. Seeing you build these scenery pieces is phenomenal!!! Hearing you'll be offering these via Kickstarter is god-like!

    I'm really excited to see what else you'll manage

    Thanks so much for sharing !!!!
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    Well, our plan on this KS was to have everything ready and finished, no fancy stretchgoals or anything, just a small target to cover materials, saying that however that's what we said on the last two, our latest one was only supposed to cover the asteroid base and space station.....look where that ended up so no doubt I will probably create new things as the KS runs LOL

    In the meantime...

    That's the Church painted! Well, 3 churches to be exact as I hate to throw anything away and it took me 3 casts to perfect the mould! Saying that it was an excellent opportunity to see what can be done with more than one kit, all the parts are pretty generic and can be slotted together in a number of ways...check out my Abbey type building made from all 3 churches!

    <David Attenborough voice> here we see the Blight sniper nesting in his natural habitat...

    Comprises of all these parts, quite generic too so the top of the tower can be attached in any orientation for instance

    And of course the graveyard is a perfect compliment!

    Using the accessory sets lets create a forward supply depot in an old abandoned church!

    Or using more than one kit why not build a huge Abbey to fight through, who knows there may even be a crypt under there and access to untold occult artefacts for Dr Vorne to prod and poke!

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    Looks good for Arcadia Quest too
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    The style and painting fits perfectly for the game, Got my space station, so when will this KS be launched

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    Gah, Decar, you just reminded me I have a case full of Arcadia miniatures still to paint! LOL Although on that note once I have done them I wouldn't be surprised if I start building a board for it

    Hithero, glad to hear the station landed! we were planning on mid June for the RW scenery but with my surgery planned for the 22nd I am thinking it may be a better idea to move it towards the end of the month as I don't really want to be sparko for a week or two mid campaign when I could be fiddlin' with the old plasticine!

    Just finished the factory and river sections btw, will update with some pictures tomorrow

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    Factory painted!

    Full factory kit

    What if it takes a direct hit though I hear you say? no worries, use the damaged factory upgrade!

    Or just use it on its own for another type of ruin

    How about a MEGA factory to fight your way through and capture the prototype mech!

    I will try and get a full table shot ASAP can't wait to play on it!

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    It seems your creativity know no bounds!

    Would love to see trench/duckboards like this...and possibly rivers!
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    Rivers on next update Decar! I'm actually considering doing squares of terrain like duck boards, craters etc so you can effectively build your own board, what you think to road sections too? I didn't think they were necessary on the muddy fields of the original board but we seem to be building our own little town here so I may well start building some more infrastructure for those little rivets to use, gah, look what you done now....my minds racing with new possibilities of different terrain now!

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    So sorry I've given you more work!

    You've got me thinking about interlocking tiles now too so they don't wobble around or move etc. Would be perfect for larger maps too!

    I can see roads working, it seems like a logical extension on larger maps to allow cavalry and support units to move faster.
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    That's what I was thinking Decar, roadways equivalent to duck boards giving vehicles the runner ability. Not sure on interlocking as they would all have to share a common boarder which is a bit difficult with all the different stuff I have planned, however they have a bit of Weight behind them so they don't shift much anyhow and we were toying with the idea of creating some sort of ground mat to place everything on so you could leave neutral 'clearings' if you needed them, thick so flat similar to what we print our mats would work well or that mouse mat tissue stuff that wings of glory supply their mats on would be super grippy and gentle on elbows too!
    if I make the tiles not sure wether to leave them 'plain' or add a shallow indentation to represent the grid as an aid to placement, what you think? Can't wait to get these last few samples painted now so I can crack on with some more new stuff!

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    It's sounding exciting!

    You've got me thinking again: A play mat sounds good, but I always find they end up rollingup or just aren't big enough.

    What about leaving holes in the side for pegs/magnets between each tile...or perhaps a groove to slide something under 2 tiles, like a lollystick? That wouldn't affect the design too much, but someone could fix them if need be.

    I actually think leaving them plain is sensible - I think it will appeal to more games that way not just Rivet Wars. Perhaps you can mark them more subtly like a small crosshair in the middle?
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    Can you make some picuters with rails and train together ?



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    I love these ideas guys especially the trench duck boards and I agree leave them plain. At the most the crosshairs option could work/

    I don't think the connection of sections will be needed, just my thoughts

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    Rivers and bridge painted!

    Train & rail pics next couple of days then I am pretty much done painting what I have made so far and it's back to the plasticine, really looking forward to it!

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    Apparently ive given you too much reputation already - fear not I'll give you some more soon. These look awesome!
    Rivet Wars Scenario Editor - http://www.tehill.net/RivetWars

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