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    Excellent I can't wait for future developments

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    Cracking game of Rivet Wars yesterday on the new boards. scenery works a treat, adds immensely to gameplay and enjoyment of the game without getting in the way of gameplay. Kept this board relatively simple with the church taking centre of the board and several ruins as objectives, a few tank wrecks blocked movement and of course trench systems on both sides. The small wooded area added a little interest and provided much needed cover for my artillery. I did feel a little guilty gunning my opponents attack dogs down time after time but, hey, war is war!
    RW remains to be one of my favourite games, the 'on the hoof' deployment system means you can instantly react to the opposing players strategy and the 'attack then move' system is rapidly becoming one of my favourite systems, takes a little to get used to after a life of moving then attacking but it offers infinitely more tactical options while playing, as well as making you think a little more! THE DOGS DANGLERS! Soon as our KS is fulfilled I have definitely recharged my froth to create more scenery!
    Trialed a few house rules on destruction of scenery and wooded areas in this one all worked sweet so we will add them to the PDF that will be available towards the end of KS

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    Friend wrote up a nice battle report of another recent game we had, few more new house rules tried and liked, all be going in that pdf!

    The Guns of Nava-Vorne
    The Allies had gotten wind of a secret doomsday weapon hidden in the depths of the Ardenne forest. Moving quickly, the Allies launched a surprise attack that caught the Blight napping. Using a range of dirty tricks the Allies quickly advanced forward. Firstly they used Edwina Brasseldun’s tunneler to drop off Atomic-robo right outside our closest objective that he quickly jumped in to and control.
    Next, the Wolverine parachuted in to the aerodrome capturing it. We used the special rules that if you had control of the aerodrome you could use it as a deployment point for aircraft instead of your baseline. Now aircraft began filling the skies from the aerodrome with Buccaneer fighters and gyrocopters strafing the poor Blight troops on the ground. The Blight responded bringing their own fighters to the skies.
    The victory point were racking up quickly for the Allies something had to be done. Calling up the might of the Gryphons Hammer tank it quickly rumbled up to the bunker laying waste to the Allies around it. Swarms of troops rushed forward as rocket bikes and mono wheels danced around each other. The Blight became more desperate as they fought to remove Atomic-robo from his ruins.
    Then Edwina’s tunneller was back, this time dropping of the Veteran who quickly dispatched 3 hapless troops before himself being crushed by the giant robotic fists of a Landkrieger.
    Ominously the Allies moved a unit into each of control bunkers rooms the Allies activated the Doomsday cannon. Flashing orange lights and the sirens began to wail as the huge cannon rotated to face its own side. The special rules we used were: unlimited range, no line of sight but scattered, blast and 3 dice for each armour value. We found this was simple and work really well. The huge shell detonated in the middle of the Blight troops sending their broken bodies flying. This was not looking good…
    Then a flash of red zoomed by as the Red Baron took to the skies to fight off the Allied air menace. He quickly dispatched the buccaneers but in response to the Red Baron, Reme Le Funck took to the air and began chasing him across the skies.
    But it was too late the Allies had captured the bunker and so the Blight retreated to lick their wounds and plan how they were going to explain to Dr Vorne that they had lost his Cannon of Doom.

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    Few new widgets created, a river ford section to allow those non infantry units to cross and a couple of objective tiles.

    forward observation post and ammo/equipment dump, each takes 4 infantry units and even has a little hole to plant that victory flag!

    River section showing possible crossing options

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