Bulldog's rusty old Rivet(wars)
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Thread: Bulldog's rusty old Rivet(wars)

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    Default Bulldog's rusty old Rivet(wars)

    Figured I better pull my finger out and paint the initial wave one kickstarter releases before the huge pile of wave two models land on my doorstep and bury me alive!

    Main box contents Allied forces finished, Blight forces to follow, basically the same unit types and sizes as these..

    Rivet wars main game Allied contents

    Some close ups of the various units..

    9 Riflemen

    3 Rocket Cycles

    2 Hammer 65 Pounders

    Captain W. Parman

    M2 Wolverine

    MT-1 Ostrich which, as well as the standard configuration, comes with a couple of plug-in turrets, the Hacksaw and General G.Patson!

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    well, good effort, better luck on the next wave. i'm sure you'll improve with practice.

    lol, jk - these are incredible! i love all the little details, patson looks almost real, all the rust & metal - way way too cool.
    also, THE FLAG!!! wow! we need a how-to, stat!

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    Golf clap, jealous of your skils sir.

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    Amazing work, can't wait to see the blight!

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    Fantastic! Keep up the amazing work!

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    And Bulldoguk wins Rivet Wars.

    Thank you all for playing, but we have found the winner.

    Truly, man, your work is mesmerizing. I can hardly believe you have the same minis as I do. It kinda feels like you got some special magic batch or something...

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    Absolutely fantastic, the little riflemen have got such of a pi$$ed off look about them its unreal

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    Simply stunning, cannot wait to see what you have done with the Blight.

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    Beautiful, I have to commend your skill with the brush. Simply awesome!

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    looks awesome mate. man I gotta get cracking on my painting, but I'm scared it wont look half as good as yours.

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    Really great stuff. Patston looks amazing riding on the ostrich with the flag all painted up. Looking forward to seeing more.

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    Absolutely amazing work!! Could you please share how you achieved the awesome rusted look on the Ostrich and other vehicles?. i've about worked up the courage to start painting my rivets and I'd like to go for a similar look.

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    Ok, yeah. You win. These models are absolutely top-notch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arcnarenth View Post
    Absolutely amazing work!! Could you please share how you achieved the awesome rusted look on the Ostrich and other vehicles?. i've about worked up the courage to start painting my rivets and I'd like to go for a similar look.
    Can I mirror Arcnarenth question please? Details, secrets of success, please share! Yes love the rust.

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    absolutely amazing stuff. that's some real art!

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    One way to do Banners/Flags : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9tuzfkDamJk

    You can also use Microsoft Office Powerpoint to good effect making custom flags and Banners. Website that had a tutorial seems to no longer exist
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    Thanks for the compliment chaps, they are a pure joy to paint, really having fun!

    Regarding the rust effects, my painting mantra is KISS, keep it simple stupid, I don't like to faf about with all these fancy pant filters and layers that the pro painters tend to use and try to keep things fast and simple so I can jump into the next project ASAP (by the Gods I have a scary amount of plastic to paint this year)!

    The rust is created by simply dabbing dark brown paint along the edges and open areas with an old brush..there, that really all there is to it, the scruffier the brush the better, takes a little time to get your eye in but with a little practice it will become second nature (and quite therapeutic) as to were to dab, if you want to take a little extra time you can add a little rust coloured paint along the with the brown, didn't bother on this occasion as I didn't really think it was necessary, Ted's excellent miniatures carry the effect quite nicely

    Just started work on the Blight forces so will update ASAP, I also have plans to build a 3d map along the same lines as my recent Super Dungeon/Krosmaster Project http://www.tanksandtrolls.co.uk/Krosmaster%20SDE.htm Probably not as detailed as there is no need, I will build the map in quarters with trench systems and thinking of create vertical planks and sandbags that can be removed to allow for stacking storage as I am pretty limited for space with all the kickstarter stuff dropping in this year!

    Oh, with regards to banners too, while I can do reasonable freehand I see no point wasting time when you can simply scan the emblems from the ref sheet that comes with the game, you can then re-scale and print to paper or decal sheet to create your own custom decals, at least until the KS sheets arrive...easy peasy!

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    Eh, I think I prefer the plain grey and green plastic of the unpainted rivets (...I keep telling myself to keep from crying myself to sleep each night)
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    You know what. I am going to post some pictures of mine this weekend in order to encourage those of us who are not great painters. Mine look okay but the point is I am having a blast painting them! You should too!

    that is no way meant as a slight to Bulldoguk,carrots or any of the other masters that have posted their stuff.

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