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Thread: Bulldog's rusty old Rivet(wars)

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    Hey Bulldog, I clicked on one of your pictures and got into your Photobucket gallery. I recognized a lot of other things there, particularly your X-wing stuff. It was one of those "ahh haa" moments when you realize a whole lot of really talented people you knew about were really just the same guy Very inspiring stuff.

    I had a question about the material you use to make your things. Particularly the Rivet Wars stuff. How heavy is it? I'm imagining those trains are pretty heavy when all set up.

    Oh, and what game are those dungeon tile pieces for? There a bunch of pillars with snakes on them, and little tiles with crystals. etc.

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    It was one of those "ahh haa" moments when you realize a whole lot of really talented people you knew about were really just the same guy Very inspiring stuff.
    I did this the other day when looking at a 'Dawn: Rise of the Occulites' gallery last week on BGG.
    Rivet Wars Scenario Editor - http://www.tehill.net/RivetWars

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    Are you still with us BulldogUK? I do hope so

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    Still here mate! Just been caight up in endless consultant, physio and hospital visits lately not to mention finishing up everything for our recent KS, but should hopefully settle down from this week

    Been working on a few extra little things for the RW KS and I have over 100 tiles to put together, have a fiddle with and paint as they become my prototype and personal new 3D rivet board, I will update ASAP

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    Excellent News

    don't shirk on the physio you will regret it later on

    keep well buddy

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    Sorry about the lack of updates lately chaps, what with post op stuff, car troubles and managing to pick up one of these particularly nasty bugs that's going around I have spent most of last week, shall we say a resident in the smallest room of the house, ugh...much better now though so back to work!

    Brush up those flying skills chaps, looks like the skies over the frontlines just became a lot more dangerous! I felt the need for something to test the flying skills of those aces, what better than some good old fashioned barrage balloons! Then I thought hmmmmm, they would probably have multiple wounds and need some sort of way to keep track, puncture repair plasters...perfect! I just stick em on with a little blue tack Btw, balloons mount onto existing RW flying stands

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    Almost forgot, been busy casting up tiles to have a fiddle with the 3D tile system, average 3x3 board 81 tiles....plus extras...all need painting and fettlin', what the hell have I let myself in for! This does mean however that my original board is up for grabs so you guys can have dibs, just make me any reasonable offer, I forget how many 3x3 boards it is but will take a count tomorrow and let you know...in the meantime, tiles, tiles and yes...more tiles!

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    Sorry to hear you've been ill. Hope you're getting better and Hope you're knee is on the mend too!
    Rivet Wars Scenario Editor - http://www.tehill.net/RivetWars

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    Glad to hear you are on the mend no need to tell me about the smallest room, I'm in a bit of bother my self as they are changing my meds.

    Superb nrw stuff mate and as I said before I would love to buy your old tilrs - I was thinking about £8 a tile but I am open to negoiation.

    Just let me know. If you want to do this offline so to speak = john.colwell@ntlworld.com is my email and I have paypal thanks again for all your hard work

    kind regards

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    p.s. I absolutely love the ballon damage markers

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    Hi Bulldog, I just thought I would mention my offerred price per tile is only a guess, please don't be put off or insulted I really do want to buy your tiles, please, but I have no idea what you think would be a fair price

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    Finally found some time to paint up Dr Vorne's not so secret bunker lab together with his craftily concealed DOOMCANNON!

    From the outside just another bunker...

    But inside is wall to wall with his nefarious equipment used in is dastardly experiments!

    Don't let him deploy the DOOMCANNON!

    The DM can also be used on its own of course

    I created the little tokens so you can use various different loadouts such as gas, timed and biohazard ammunition! The shells can be used to track ammunition if you used a limited shot scenario and the tokens even sit in the end just in case you decide you need to pre-load the weapon...lots of play options!

    Terranova leads an assault on Vorne's terror weapon, hurry before its ready to release another terrifying volley onto the heads of the allied forces!

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    Soooo very very cool excellent work

    thanks for sharing

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    Your effort never ceases to amaze me. I another +1 to your rep. Very much loving the Doom Cannon. I mean DOOM CANNON!
    Rivet Wars Scenario Editor - http://www.tehill.net/RivetWars

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    Sorry to bother you Bulldog but is there any news on the KS?

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    Hi Jabba, Rob is on his hols this week but pretty sure he is wanting to start it this month as he mentioned something about getting the funds in before date X to work with the financial year, frankly I could have done with a rest to get some of my personal stuff out of the way but he knows more about that side of the business so I will go with his judgement, just sit me down in front of a lump of clay and a few paints and I am quiet for the rest of the day :P Besides, I will readily admit I am rubbish at anything to do with pricing, when we have chats on such things I inevitably convince him to lower all the set prices...best to stay clear really!

    Anyhoo, in the meantime...

    Had a little tinker with the Rivet board 2.0 today. Consists of 3 full sections, 2 x trench staights, 2 x trench corners and 2 x trench T-junctions...for now! Also tried a few of the drop in scenery parts such as woods, dragons teeth, large craters and tank wrecks, all seems to be coming together, I better get some painting done!

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    Thanks Bulldog nice to know

    I'm loving the new board and bits, I can feel my credit card shaking in my wallet lol

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    Quick colour test on the new Rivet Board V 2.0. Kept things quick and simple, It'll do! I better crack on with the rest of the board....new Kickstarter launches this weekend barring Asteroid strike, Cthulhu rising from the seas or really bad man flu

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    KICKSTARTER Ahoy woohoo I'm so excited, cool so very very cool

    Can I ask you to post a link on this board as soon as it launches I really don't want to miss any early deals if there are any, thanks mate

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    Just a few quick pictures of some more of the Rivet Board 2.0. Haven't had the time or space to lay it out properly so will have to excuse the poor quality! These are the Trench boards, haven't been able to paint up the main boards yet as I am waiting for paint o arrive but as you see they are looking pretty cool. The trench boards are also duel purpose as, if you wish, you can slot extra tiles into the spaces and they rest on the little shelves formed by the trench sides, VOILA...more modular loveliness! Painted a few samples of the 'special' tiles too, these include woodland (I have magnetised my trees so they can simply be removed to see the action close up), shattered forest, roads (manholes and lamps still to do) tank wrecks, large craters and dragons teeth. I intend to make up some small viaducts/bridges that can slot into the trench so you can run rivers and roads over them. Oh btw, as you can see from the pictures I figured the best approach would be to glue down the tiles on the T-junctions and corner trench tiles, nothing much is going to happen on these area anyhow but I left the centre tiles on the straight trenches loose, as you can see by careful placement of you boards sections you can run rivers and roads right through the battlefield!

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