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    Rosie & Hilda painted! Pics really don't do these ladies justice, even I was impressed! Very tempted to make an armoured push-pull engine now, probably not commercially viable but I WANT one on my board....must.....resist...

    Hilda transports troops and armour to the front lines

    Rosie delivers Allied troops and artillery in preparation for a big push!

    On a return trip she delivers vital supplies and spare parts!

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    Seeing these laid out - I think I might need to work on a variant of the "Fresh Recruits" Mission; where either side get to snipe units going past on the train!

    Any clues what you're going to be moulding for kickstarter and when you might do it?
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    Everything Decar....absolutely everything! More besides, now the table is clear I will be cracking the sculpting tools out and seeing what pops up! Still hoping towards the end of July soon as I am back on my feet after the knee op

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    Oh Boy those pis are impresive mate and I like the cut of your jibe, regarding whats going to be done for the kickstarter

    That said I do hope your op goes well and you recover successfully

    all the best

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    Thanks Jabba, looking forward to the beef & mustard sarny when they are done butchering me!

    Here is a little peek at what I got up over the weekend, a few tile variants to allow 3D boards to be made! Won't be able to do anything else on these until I am back on my feet now which is a shame because I am really looking forward to seeing how I can put a modular 3D board together, my old one will probably go on ebay as this new fancy pants one will be much prettier!

    I will detail the various bits later but in short there are roads (as I plan on doing some town houses in the future) no mans land tiles both plain(ish) to allow placement of sandbags and some with rubble and interesting features. I may do a set of tiles which lots going on just provide some more interest on the battlefield but I am always wary of keeping the surface playable!
    Also a wooded tile (try to imagine several of these together to form a woodland area) and shattered tree tile along with duck boards and craters

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    Ok I must ring the Bank M anager lol

    Great new tiles, I'm like a kid in a candy store

    As for putting stuff on ebay why not just sell them here I'M DEFFENTLY INTERESTED so look no further plus you will save on EBAY fees.

    Just a thought anyway. if possible don't let me miss anything. Your work is like Art to me, honest and I'm not suckin up here I really luv it all.

    So get yourself sorted healthwise and lets get this party started

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    Get well soon Bulldoguk. I particularly like the single span duckboards. I can see these applying Runner only to the units that start on them; rather than all 4 grids.

    I'm not too sure about the lamppost - it looks a tad gas-victorian or maybe it's too large.

    Can't wait to see more!
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    Just had a thought with the ideas you have shared so far I would love to see a general purpose truck

    Anyway good luck for next week mate, take care

    best regards

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    Ah, was a little confused at first regarding the 'single span boards' you mentioned Decar then realised what you meant, they are actually the upright side boards for the trenches! Well spotted on the lamppost it is actually based on a Victorian example but it shouldn't look took out of place next to the rest of the buildings however, there are Victorian décor all around us still and it's 2015! Might shorten it a little though but I like the chunky chibitised look. The manhole covers will be separate parts btw, I figured these would add a fun element to the game, maybe place them randomly and allow troops to ambush or take short cuts using them, I wouldn't put it past me building a whole underground sewer system to sit alongside the main board :P
    Jabba, like the idea of the truck, consider it noted

    In the meantime, been having a little fun...

    WIP (lots of cleaning up to do and a little tweaking here and there) Dr Vorne's not so secret laboratory! Well, this started out as a small one square lab building but quickly escalated to a 4 square mini fortress with all the gear Dr Vorne needs to conduct his nefarious experiments. Then I got to thinking...these crazy scientist types are nothing with out a huge CANNON OF DOOM sticking out of the newly converted skylight, so there you go! I also started thinking, wouldn't it be cool if I made shells that you could use as markers to show how many shots it had left in game an what if it could fire different types of ammo? Easy! just place the marker on your target square, roll for scatter, treat anything in the square to a tank shock attack. to depict which type of ammo you are using simply bob on of the funky little 'fuses' on the end of the half buried shell! so far we have timed (a much larger explosion but gives you the chance to run like hell or maybe even diffuse!), poison gas and Biohazard, how about zombie artillery uh and who knows what else the Vornster has been creating in his lab. I also made the gun modular so expect death ray and missile upgrades!

    From humble beginnings...

    Things just got out of hand!

    Of course, what is a crazy scientist without lots of equipment to conduct his nefarious experiments!

    Place 'em where you like, feel free to build your own little laboratory!

    Of course, what is the point of the loft conversion if you haven't got a DOOMCANNON to take advantage of it with!

    Like my other builds it will be modular to allow me to create expansions such as deathrays and megarockets!

    The shell counter (there will be more than one of course) target marker and various 'fuses' to show the ammo type being used

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    Bloody Marvellous old boy

    Such genius ... what next I wonder ...

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    Tempted to go with a supply truck as suggestd John, it would make do some great scenario play trundling along the road tiles. Will try and make it modular similar to the train too so we can use it as a troops/cargo carrier or flatbed. Definitely leaning towards a 3 section push/pull armoured engine too with a swappable centre section...imagine the Doomcannon on there, our own Rivet Version of then Thor rail gun!

    Btw, typing this in my hospital bed, op done and out of the way, was all set for getting on then the physio broke me! Now they are keeping me in overnight as apparently it can get quite painful once the op meds are out of the system, booooooored, wish I had brought some plasticine! Sweet n sour chicken for supper though, always a silver lining

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    Great News about the OP, yep those physio's can be tough I have a gorgeous blonde one visit me at home every fortnight she's an absolute doll makes you want to exercise lol.

    Love your ideas on the truck. Could always put a Red Cross on one as well and Armoured Engine that would be so cool

    Anyway get yourself fit mate and keep them ideas coming

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    I had another idea today - which the skilled crafters may want to play with.

    Wreckages. I've been toying with the idea that tanks and planes might leave a carcass or wreckage behind...possibly on fire. It would make for some interesting scenery; I've also thought about planes dropping out of the sky and damaging units underneath.
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    I Have thought about wreckage too Decar but I think they would have to be very close if not copied from Ted's original designs, personally I aren't comfortable doing this and putting it out to retail. maybe it's something Ted could look into when the next KS goes live? I used tiny parts from the artillery along with original sculpted parts for one of the train cargo drop ins just to make thing look authentic and I wasn't too proud of myself doing that, Ted how would you feel about 'breaking up' a whole tank, creating a destroyed scenery block and recasting it? I know there is a guy who does xwing scenery like this and describes it as 'scratch-built' don't know how they get away with it under the nose of FFG and very cheeky to say the least! Ted, if you are checking in, how would you feel and how would we stand on copyright and such? Saying that, it's probably beside the point, I don't have any spare walkers or tanks now and there is no way I am breaking up my painted units! LOL
    All this to one side I was planning on making some more 'busy' tiles with generic wreckage parts that would interest to the battlefield and both block movement and allow troops to enter the square and give cover

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    For Wreckage I normally just get extra original models and destroy them which id fairly easy plus I normally get more than one wreck out of the original.

    I must admit I do like wrecks as they impead movement and also provide cover


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    indeed John, that's what I do for my private collection but recasting original parts from another company, even if 'heavily modified' and re-selling them, I don't know where we stand on that, don't want to step on anyones toes and spoil the fun. Lots of walking puns there, quite ironic considering what I have just been through LOL

    i do agree though if it were allowed, they would look bloody awesome littering the battlefield!

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    Quiet right mate I would never even think about doing that plus I do enjoy breaking up the original models = I'm good at breaking things even my arm lol

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    Tank Wreck, crater and Dragon's Teeth tiles WIP!

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    ...nuff said!
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    Hi looks like you are on the mend mate and carrying on the good work which is nice to see very niceindeed , any more updates on the KS

    kind regards


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