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Thread: Bulldog's rusty old Rivet(wars)

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    Absolutely Brilliant mate

    Please don't forget to let us all know when the KS starts, thanks very much

    oh and a link would be great, ta

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    Im not able to give you an6more reputation. Your work is unbelievably good!
    Rivet Wars Scenario Editor - http://www.tehill.net/RivetWars

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    Sorry about this this but I am so excited I was just wondering if there is aby news on the KS ?

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    fingers crossed tomorrow Jabba, absolutely rushed off my feet as I have a camping trip Thursday through Monday and am trying to sort that out and finish off a few more product pictures for the KS. Not to mention most of today was snatched chopping a tree up that decided it didn't want to be pointing skywards anymore after that biblical thunderstorm that happened last night, most of which seemed to fill several bowels strategically placed around my humble workshop!! I don't think there will be any early bird offers but we will be giving free stuff away to KS backers!

    We have never done the stretch goal thing as we tend to keep the target funding low and I generally don't have a clue what's coming up next during a KS, my brain pretty much just leaks stuff out sporadically! Hopefully I have a majority of the stuff done for now so I am hoping for quite a peaceful ride this time round

    Because we have so many products being dumped into this it was hard to work out an efficient way to do things with pledge levels so we opted for a sort of rivet credit thing where you can pretty much just total up everything you want to build your battlefield then pledge that amount, we will be handling any painted requests separately though PayPal I would imagine on a 1 to 1 basis once I know what complete orders, we have done it this way last two KS and it helps limit the workload put on me and seems to be the best way to do this considering it's just little old me making and painting everything and not a big studio full of brush wielding automatons!

    Anyhow, everything will be explained in the first couple of updates and don't worry Jabba, you are number 1 on my list

    I'll post soon as things go live, cant wait to play on my new board when it's finished!

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    Brilliant Bulldog it all sounds awesome, thanks so much for letting us know

    I shall be watching my emails all day so good luck mate

    btw that sounds a great way to do the KS people doing there own shopping lists rather than maybe getting some stuff they don't want in pledge bundles

    Thanks again

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    KS is live! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects...iles?ref=email

    Had a little fiddle with the Rivet Wars boards today, came out quite nice and I am pretty pleased with something I did...which is rare! With a little swippety swappety of the tiles you can make up some pretty funky battle grounds, the variations are only limited by my tiny brain!

    Ps. I had nothing to do with the video intro on the KS, I deny all responsibility! Oh, I will be off the grid for a week as I am camping over the weekend and bank hol, typically great timing on our KS again!

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    OH BOY ! oh boy !

    Christmas has come early btw before I forget have a great camping trip mate and thanks so much for all your hard work

    You are funded My total may go up a wee bit but not down

    This an answer to my prays woohoo, talk soon, cheers and thanks again

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    Congrats on reaching your goal so soon.
    ~Lieutenant Nathaniel Flint of the Landship Scorpios

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    I almost missed this! I need to get a calculator and and add up all those Rivets!
    Rivet Wars Scenario Editor - http://www.tehill.net/RivetWars

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    £452 + postage ; is quite a hit. But it all looks amazing. Well done getting this far and reaching a sizable amount.

    Can i make some recommendations re: kickstarter page?

    A table with everything listed and prices.
    Grouping together similar items; the train carriages etc, it makes it easier to pledge. You can still add extra accessories.
    The photos of the tiles are a little unclear, what you'll be getting.
    Consider an all-in pledge so it's easier for me to get one of everything plus some stretches.
    Mark ks exclusives really clearly!
    Rivet Wars Scenario Editor - http://www.tehill.net/RivetWars

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    I've redone my list so many times I need to take a break and look at it afresh sometime - its so very very cool to be able to get these bits

    Thanks Bulldog

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    Argh. I wish the shipping to the US wasn't more than the cost of the actual items.
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    As I've just discovered buying another base set(mainly to make custom units/had treasure hunter also) it's unfortunately not much better in the other direction

    As others have said, congrats to bulldog, loving what he's done, the home brewed rules he alludes to on kickstarter sound like an interesting way to play : )

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    daddy- you should have let me know, im going to New York in a few days - id have brought you it back.

    Make sure you check Germany too: http://www.brettspielversand.de/Rive...-Eastern-Front for example.
    Rivet Wars Scenario Editor - http://www.tehill.net/RivetWars

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    That would've been very kind of you mate, I'm possibly griping too much though as it came to £56 ish delivered for base set including the additional treasure hunter, so hey-ho.
    Will post soon showing plans for custom units such as the converted parmans pulling a cart made from pounder wheels and legs with schlitten casis and quad rocket bike launchers, and others.
    Got all ideas doodled but not drawn up properly, even few of the background fluffs too.
    When done I will be sure to add to your awesome tehill site.
    BTW hope you didn't mind me partially naming my camp after your good self. : )

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    I did crack a smile when I saw that; I'm humbled that you decided to name it after me; partially or otherwise
    Let me know if you need help uploading pictures etc. Can't wait to see what you put your hand to next. £56 doesn't sound too bad, I seem to recall paying £15 for the Treasure Hunter alone.
    Hopefully when I'm back from holiday I'll be able to sit down and knock out some of the scenarios I've been tinkering with.
    Rivet Wars Scenario Editor - http://www.tehill.net/RivetWars

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    Definately looking forward to those as probably all are mate.
    Your track record of good scenarios is bang on so far.
    To be honest it is one of my only gripes with rivet wars so far, that we are having to wait so long without things like new scenarios being released very often at all.
    For up and coming bits I've got a bit disracted with a bridge and an infantry only crossing in the form of caleau flour mill that's evolved into a hydro-power station, pics soon.

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    Made up a few widgets while we are waiting for the KS funds to clear first up to tidy up the battlefield a little came up with these funky little bridge sides, they simply slot down the sides into the trenches where the road/river/rail crosses over and make things look prettier!

    Standard road element crossing a trench..

    And with the brick bridge sides in place!

    Or the iron bridge!

    Second little widget are rubble tokens. With the introduction of our buildings it would be nice of course with a method to destroy them! Here we go..

    It's a simple house rule mechanic, any tank/artillery piece (to simplify matters) that can concentrate its fire on a building, if it successfully damages then just place a token within the building. each building section can take 4 hits, if there happens to be no room then remove a figure and count it as a casualty, the more infantry in there the more chance the poor little fellas have of getting crushed by falling masonry! Maybe give them or just hero figures a chance to jump out of a window in a heroic manner? Also make hardened targets such as bunkers a little more difficult to destroy maybe only taking damage on the roll of a 6

    Of course when it's completely full of rubble tokens how about removing it and replacing with a ruin!

    These simple rules will really shine when I start the next RW project, full multi story town houses!

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    Brilliant Bulldog can't wait, have you decided if you are going to do a truck yet?

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    Defo still on the list mate! Doubt I will be able to do it in time for this KS pledge manager (I'm away for a week from Monday) but it's something that might work well with my planned beach landing or town expansion

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