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    While watching Teds movie and the disastrous Tank Shock move a thought occurred to me.
    The Panzer has the potential of moving 3 spaces with Dash and Move.
    He declares a Dash and moves one space into a grid full of infantry and fails to kill some, these are then moved to another grid.
    Can the Panzer now move into them again, basically following up and running them down, or do you have to declare where it is moving to with the Dash 2 grid move before determining the result of the Tank Shock?

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    No rulebook here at work, but off the top of my head I dont recall anything about tank shock ending the movement of the tank, nor do I recall anything saying it wasn't resolved as the tank enters the grid. So, presuming the infantry got moved into a grid the tank could move into it seems like it could follow up, which is why its important that the defender gets to move the displaced infantry, so he can spread them out and minimize that potential.

    Edit: checked the PDF, applying the movement, dash, and tank shock rules, if i'm reading right, a tank could shock in the first grid of a 3 grid dash and subsequent grids.
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    Yep, can't see anything wrong with that. The defender should probably try to run into cover with a non-infantry unit, scatter to minimize his losses, or bait the tank in a direction that is less advantageous to it in the long run.

    I quite like the image of a desperate soldier scurrying back and forth as a tank repeatedly tries to stomp on him.

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