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    Default Some introductions are in order

    Hello everybody! If you're here you've probably seen some info and pics starting to pop up here and there about CoolMiniOrNot's upcoming adventure game: Arcadia Quest!

    In case you haven't, well, here's the Facebook page, and here's the Website where you can start to get a glimpse of what this game is all about (website's still in a very initial stage, we're going to have it polished and full of stuff in no time).

    First of all, I guess I might as well introduce myself a little bit. My name's Thiago Aranha, known as Loophole Master around here and other game forums like BGG. I've been working for CMoN for a while now, doing consulting, playtesting and production work for games such as Zombicide, Rivet Wars and Kaosball. But now we're finally starting to unveil Arcadia Quest, a game designed by Guilherme Goulart, Fred Perret, me and the man who needs no introduction, Mr. Eric Lang! We've been working on this game for a long time, so it's very thrilling to be finally able to start showing it a little bit to all you guys.

    With Arcadia Quest we wanted to create a fun and engaging game where players took their heroes on an exciting campaign, throughout which they'd grow fond of their characters, build them up into powerfully unique adventurers, have a lot of entertaining competition with the other players and just enjoy themselves battling monsters and fulfilling quests. From the get-go we knew we didn't want to create just another dungeon crawl (nothing against them, I wouldn't call myself a gamer if I hadn't spent my fair share of time doing the crawls), but we wanted an experience that put everybody on the same playing field, so no GM required, and that put as much emphasis on Player vs. Player action as it did on Player vs. Environment.

    We were blessed with the awesome art that Andrea Cofrancesco created for our quirky characters and setting, and then it was a joy to see those brought to life as the amazingly sculpted miniatures that CMoN is known for. Not to mention the great designs that Mathieu Harlaut brought to all other game components. In the following days and weeks we should be showing you all more and more of this game, and I'm sure you'll like what you see.

    Well, I guess that's it for now. I'll try to answer any questions I can that you may have, and I hope we can all embark on this quest together.

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    You lost me at pvp... I hope there is a co op version. Are the guilds preset or can you customize/build your own?

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    You had me at Pvp!!!

    Really looking forward to this and can't wait to see the mechanics and other goodie you have lined up!!
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    Can you clarify the relationship between this game and SDE? Is it SDE compatible? ...SDE replacement? ...SDE expansion? Will the figs from SDE be usable in this game? Are the rules similar?

    Also, will it be a game you can play solo or in full co-op mode? Or does it require PvP?

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    @ Grim6 - Arcadia Quest has no relationship whatsoever with SDE. It is a brand new game by Spaghetti Western Games whose only similarity with SDE is that they both have an art style known as "chibi".

    The game is designed for 2 to 4 players to compete against each other throughout the campaign.

    @ joshuar56 - The guilds are fully customizable. At the start, each player choses which heroes to use, and as the campaign progresses they get further customized with new weapons, equipment and abilities.

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    I hope you guys don't rule out co-op. It's a good draw and there's a lot of interest in it, and as comparisons will inevitably be drawn to SDE, that's definitely one of the marks against it (in my opinion).

    So guilds are customizable. The cards on the website seem to indicate 3 characters per guild. Are those base guild members, who can then be swapped out? I get that art is probably a mock up, but it looks like those heroes are set on the cards. Will guild members be chosen from a pool specific to their guild, or is anyone fair game?

    Will there be a cap on active guild members? 3 most likely?

    I have a ton of questions I would love to pester you about, but seeing as how there isn't a whole lot of info out there yet, I guess I'll wait until we know a bit more.

    I do hope we see a variety of heroes to use though. Again drawing from SDE experience, my household sees all the non-human stuff get played a LOT more than the basic hero archetypes. Reptilian and anthropomorphic animal types get the most play around here.

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    The problem I have with the PVP aspect, is that balancing each of the heroes is going to be quite the tight rope walk. And if I'm being blunt, I have my doubts about it. In every dungeon crawl, there is always that one or two heroes that are much better than the others. What order do you build the builds? Does each player take a turn selecting a hero? From a story standpoint, why are the guilds fighting each other?

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    Big question is: Is this going to be kickstarted soon?

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    Good morning! ...
    It has a magnificent job, congratulations.

    You know the estimated?

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    @ highlord tamburine - As I said, guilds are fully customizable. Each player can pick any of the available heroes to join his guild, so there can be a lot of fun mixing and matching. Each guild is represented by 3 heroes in the game, though you'll have a variety to choose from.

    @ joshuar56 - Keep in mind that Arcadia Quest is not a straight-up PvP game. PvP is just one aspect of it. But because it's a quest-based game, simply being able to pummel the other heroes is not a guarantee of ultimate victory. Once players are familiarized with the game, heroes are picked through a drafting system, giving all players a fair chance of building the guild they want to, and some control over what the others have available to them. We'll reveal more of the setting in the coming weeks, but the overall idea of why the guilds fight each other is that they each want to be the one to liberate Arcadia and rule it themselves. There's a lot of rivalry between the guilds, and this is the chance for one of them to rise to the top.

    @ Bacms and DavidLanza - Unfortunately I cannot speak for anything regarding our release plans at this point. But all will be revealed soon enough.

    Thank you all very much.

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    Morning question about miniatures. Are there 12 hero's and 25 monsters currently in the base set? Is there player elimination or can hero's be removed from the board basically putting them out of the game?

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    Alright, so there aren't any guild specific characters. I had been wondering if we'd have guild "leaders" so to speak. Good to know every hero is fair game.

    Would I be amiss in assuming that we can play cooperatively if the situation calls for it? If there's some big bad nasty that's going to cause problems for everyone, could we team up to take it down?

    I personally hope that player interactions are not set in stone- you want to fight each other, fight. You want to work together, work together. If you want to stab your buddy in the back and steal all the loot leaving him high and dry, so be it.

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    @ Moondancer - Yes, those are the numbers of miniatures we're currently working with. There's absolutely no player elimination in the game, though heroes can be (and often are) killed. But they can be resurrected back into the game.

    @ highlord tamburlaine - Yeah, you've got the right idea. While player are competing to be the ultimate winner, that doesn't mean they have to be on each other's throats all the time. There are definitely situations where it's advantageous to work together, form temporary alliances and so on. The game doesn't force you into a single playing style, and there are different paths to winning each scenario.

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    This game seems amazing and I can't wait for the Kickstarter. Will definitely be pledging for the full game, perhaps even some extras if there are any with this game.
    Love the multiple characters in a party and PvP idea. Makes a fun challenge creating a party with the right mix of skills/attributes/magic/etc. while working against/with other players to win.

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    Loving this! Got in the pledge in the first 10 minutes, and glad I did. Can't wait to see as more is revealed. Love the, "Play it to a style that fits with your group" concept. While my usual gaming group is more into fun friendly cooperative play, the venue we play at has it's share of WAAC über-competitive types who will want to challenge 2-3 others into a, "me against you all" game. This might be the perfect game for some of my more mello friends to have a fighting chance teaming up against some of the more experienced gamers. Very cool!
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    Quick question - in the gameplay video (and some of the "action" shots) all the heros in each guild have the same colour figure bases - which makes it really easy to find your characters in the midst of battle, but in the core box contents list it states "14 coloured figure bases" - how does that work? How do I match up the figure bases with my guild?

    Could we have an add-on or similar for "12 player bases, 3 in each guild colour" or something?

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    Each of the four guilds has 3 bases in its color that it attaches to its heroes for easy identification. There are 2 extra pink bases that are used to differentiate special monsters on the board, such as Orc Captains from normal Orc Marauders.

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    Sweet, great to hear, thanks

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