Finally finished painting my infantry!!
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Thread: Finally finished painting my infantry!!

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    Default Finally finished painting my infantry!!

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    Having a beautiful wife and adorable 11 month old son is great but a huge time suck. was stoked to finally have these finished. now just the rest of the box to go. then the blitzkrieg. and the optional extras. shouldn't take too long hey?

    Pretty stoked with how they came out. love the red trim on the blight, although not sure about their weapons. I don't think they are too bad though. otherwise i think years of not doing any painting have made me a little rusty.

    Hope you enjoy as much as I've enjoyed seeing all yours.

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    fantastic job! i really dig the silver accents for the blight, and the pupil-less eyes. can't wait to see the rest of the units.

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    these guys look amazing. really like your blight. excited to see more.

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    thanks. yeah I like the silver, turned out pretty well. i thought id save gold for the heros, help to differentiate heros and infantry during game play

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    Sometimes when I see such great stuff I think I should just break my brushes!

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    These all look awesome! Love the eyes, too!
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    Fantastic mate! I should hopefully be putting the finishing touches to the rest of my Blight tomorrow and you have got me a thinking now...silver or gold trim on the helmets...cheers, like I aint indecisive enough!

    looking forward to seeing the cavalry and such, keep up the good work old boy!

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    Really like blight's silver sheen! Love the consistency of allied uniforms; very regimented. Agree with budo about eyes ( he beat me to it). Their Moustaches are great too! Keep up the fight!

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    Really liking the silver on the Blight, and those EYES!

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    Beautiful looking figures, some very talented painters showing us what can be done with these great figures. Inspiring.

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    Awesome! Nice work sir!
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    They look fantastic, really well done. I need to get back into gear this weekend and get some paint on my allies.

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    Man, great looking figures! Awesome job! I can't wait to see the rest either. Fantastic.

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    so, i've only seen these pictures small, until just now, when i opened them on their own. here it is cropped, so you guys can fully appreciate the work on these. i recommend you open the original images in the first post to appreciate the rest of the awesome details. I particularly like the black outline, it gives it a hand-drawn feel - like one of ted's drawings, in 3D. I hope i can make something as good with mine.

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