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    So, does anyone have a review of this game? I'd like to hear how it holds up against a Fantasy Flight type game for instance?

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    Well, I've got the game a while ago, it is very simple to play and explain. My version came with all the tiles and tokens for 8 players, it has a very quick and straightforward setup, first decide the matrix size 3x3, 4x4 or 5x5... we do this based in the number of players. then decide the number of guilds that you will use, we use the full set all the time, but if you want shorter games you just take some guilds out.

    The mechanics are really simple and once you get used to them the game speeds a lot. There is always the negotiation and pushing between players that will add to the game and making decisions. Some players like to focus on gathering actions for later use and others center on collecting guilds, but i've found that a mix of actions and high value guild members is effective since you disrupt the guild backer bonus.

    With more than 4 players, it gets more complicated trying to secure your desired blocks, but it adds a lot of negotiation outside the board (is this meta-gaming?) and it stalls a bit the game but may be fun if your group is ok with this.

    About the components, the tiles are of good quality and the cards are a bit thin for my complete satisfaction. the tokens are fantastic and some painting will indeed add a lot to them, i've just started painting mine.

    So here it is, a brief answer to your request and my first review.

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