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    I am looking for a Wolfen Prowler (the hooded and cowled fella with crossbow and sword standing perched kind of) and wanted to know if anyone has one for sale?

    I have seen the odd one on ebay, but the shipping has been $50+ on ea occasion and I find that just a tad exorbitant.

    Also, this game disappeared before I got back into painting, but I've heard that the old rulebooks and so on had great art, etc. What were the first editions of these games, and what kind of starter sets did they have?

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    for the prowler I can only suggest to wait until a better deal comes around. They are *rare*. So I wish good luck with that, finding one for a passable price(not to mention for good price) is hard.

    the first 2 editions were simply the small booklets that are also included in the blisters. The best for art during those editions were in the 2001-2003 or 2004 catalogues.
    btw: all confrontation books are available scanned (including the cry havoc magazines), so if only the art is interesting then there is no need to feed the ebay-sharks

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    Thanks Maxxx, shall just have to keep a look out.

    Was the series going to be recast? I picked up a set of Molocs from this site, I was hoping eventually miniatures like the Prowler would reappear, but there's been nothing new in an age?

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    last was the griffin pack around 2011 or 2012, since then there is nothing. Those packs were pretty expensive.
    Because of those 2 reasons (price + nothing made in the last 2 years) have I 'problems' with legacy (ip owner). I could survive the price thing, but not releasing anything for years, but holding on to the ip seems like a bad policy to me.
    because of that I wouldn't really wait for a newly released prowler mini from them.

    Some new minis were made by legendarion (conf style, really good quality, good casts, but not official and no profiles), like some Cadwallon-wolfen. They are worth a look too.

    What I really don't know: how many prowlers are needed in a ragnarok game. Depending on that I may have an extra (most likely without the cards as all my conf cards are in another country).

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    ​hi, are you still looking for this? I have a large collection of Wolfen that are sat just gathering dust. Some under coated, some bare metal, some under coated then given a wash. If you have a specific model you are looking for send me a link to a picture and we can go from there.

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