Manufacturing: The most difficult part of miniature games developing?
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Thread: Manufacturing: The most difficult part of miniature games developing?

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    Question Manufacturing: The most difficult part of miniature games developing?

    Hello guys, some of you might know about a miniature based boardgame inspired by the early 90's dungeon crawling classics known as "Darklight: Memento Mori" (, if you didn't, now you do!

    Anyhow, over the course of more than a year of development, there has been lots of hardships and counteless hours of work, most of which was thrown a way as it only provided the base for te more finalised version. I am saying this to show that I am no stranger to hard work and sacrifce (Working until 2 am for almsot a year does take its toll).

    I beleive all of the design and art struggles/obstacles can be eventually overcome, by persevering, doing lots of testing and responding positively to feedback. However if there is one thing that has proven more difficult than anything else is the process of finding, manufacturing and understanding the production side of things.

    I have so many good high up contacts within lots of businesses, including AAA videogame companies, and yet, I do not know a single person who has successfully published or self published a game like this. And when you do find these people, they usually keep to themselves or simply do not want to help you. I mean I can appreciate fearing competition but it is such a pointeless argument, if your product is good, then it is unlikely that a project that could hardly have your success and luck be of any threat.

    Anyhow, what do you people think on the subject? Are you in a position to help or share information? And would you if you could?

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    I think most companys struggle to maintain their piece of an allready small market, so its somewhat understandable that they don`t give away their trade secrets. That said, I think the folks at reaper are more helpfull in this regard than others. I`m not "in the know", but I have read nummerous times that they had helped out smaller companys / freelancers with the production side of thinks. Could be worth trying.
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    Thanks for the advice!

    I already did, but they politely declined, as their relations with their manufacturers is quite a strong and reserved one I think.

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    Industry lists of boardgame manufacturers are often given out freely, e.g. Panda. Miniatures add an additional level of complexity though, and while you can easily find a miniature manufacturer (Valiant, Reaper in the USA, Grey Matter in the UK, some other outfits in Spain) it's far harder to get everything outsourced including printing and packaging.

    So self publishing a miniatures game will take quite a lot of effort and research on your part, including finding an assembly partner who is willing to work with a smaller production run and/or inexperienced customers (which can cause a lot of problems, basically more money than it's worth). It's not impossible, but Adam Poots from Kingdom Death took a long time to ramp up to his boardgame, which has its own share of production setbacks.
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